Trump’s Taxes: N.Y. Lawmakers Move Closer to Allowing Release of His State Returns

I saw that.

The first of the two previous glimpses of the president’s tax returns came from his 1995 filings, pages of which were anonymously mailed to The Times in 2016.

Ah, there we go…

1 Billion in the red…insane.

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“Mr. Trump declared an adjusted gross income in 1995 of negative $915.7 million"


Quit resisting fat donald, we’ll find out soon enough.

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Well to be fair last fiscal year he was 779 billion in the red, so there is always that.

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What do you think ag is? The law…

Why is this being explained ?

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Thank God it wasnt his birth certificate…so you guys could overturn an election…

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At this point, I don’t want fat donald to get impeached. These stories are too ■■■■■■■ funny.


Can you quote the financial requirements for the office of POTUS please?

I dont like my potus committing crimes…maybe you do…least I’m not doing it because it’s a black man

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Can you quote them please? As soon as you do, I will respond with the age and birth requirements as a favor to you.

I dont need your favors

Obviously you do.

Perhaps there should be.

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Tell me about the time the Republican Congress issued a subpoena for Obama’s birth certificate.

You went after his private info in the Hope’s of trying to over turn an election because he was a black man…

I dont give a ■■■■ what anyone’s excuse is…

“Mr. Hoylman’s bill would loosen those restrictions to allow any one of three congressional committees to ask for such information: the House Ways and Means Committee; the Senate Finance Committee; and the Joint Committee on Taxation.”

Don’t worry. It isn’t being explained, at least not correctly.

I’m not sure that is correct.