Trump’s Taxes: N.Y. Lawmakers Move Closer to Allowing Release of His State Returns

"Mr. Hoylman’s bill would loosen those restrictions to allow any one of three congressional committees to ask for such information: the House Ways and Means Committee; the Senate Finance Committee; and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

It would cover a broad range of filings, including corporation taxes, real estate transfer taxes and personal income taxes, a potentially illuminating trove of information about Mr. Trump, a billionaire who has cited ongoing audits as a reason for not releasing his taxes."

I know that Donald Trump wants to change the definition of poverty to get a bunch of people off of governmental assistance, but I think he needs to worry more about his state and federal income tax returns because they’re going to lead to decades of investigations on things like bank fraud and insurance fraud and who the leader of the free world is beholden to in other countries. And if he is dishing out favors to specific countries because of money in those countries.

He needs to be doing what’s best for this country and not what’s best for Trump Inc.

The fact that he’s making so much money by being a politician just off of his hotels is troubling enough.

That would be fantastic. Just the state taxes, but it is where he does lots of business. :wink:

I have always said that Trump’s biggest problems are going to be with the NYAG and the SDNY.
What is interesting is that we have not heard much about Allen Weisselberg. I heard that he was being questioned by Mueller but otherwise not much news about him. I wonder what is up.

And, unsurprisingly, Democrats have no problem whatsoever about laws taking away rights to privacy aimed at specific people.
At one time “liberal” implied “civil libertarian”. At least I vaguely remember that.

There is no right to privacy of tax information.

And he woulda gotten away for it if it weren’t for his meddling ego.

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So social security numbers aren’t supposed to be protected by privacy laws? Funny, I use mine when I file my taxes as my identifier. I don’t have a right to keep that private?

It’s easy enough to redact SSNs.

Social Security numbers have only been protected by the Privacy Act since 1974. The law could be changed any time a new law was passed and there would be nothing unconstitutional about such a law.

The President’s former lawyer testified that the President has committed Insurance and Bank fraud and that the evidence can be found in his taxes.

It would be a dereliction of duty to not look into it.


That is a law enforcement job. If a judge believes the proper law enforcement agency has probable cause, that information will be acquired by the normal process.

Sorry. This is not going to go your way no matter how much you complain.

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Don’t worry. The NY AG is getting that info too.

If the Congress requests it and the State of NY has no problem fulfilling that request… then I don’t see what the complaint is.

I still don’t understand this need to argue that the President should stonewall and obstruct investigating what is very likely very bad business practices that he has engaged in.

They’re going to pass a bill to get one guy’s tax returns from a state? :rofl:

Are you suggesting that sounds purely political? How dare you!

How in the ■■■■ is this The People’s Business?

Is that a requirement for the law?


At least this guy isn’t our pres…oh ■■■■

I made a thread with that same link and it is mysteriously gone lol