TRUMP’S PREDICTION: The President Says Dems ‘GOING TO LOSE’ in 2018 | Sean Hannity

President Trump didn’t hold back while commented on the liberal “blue wave” predicted for this November, warning Democrats to reach an immigration deal with their GOP colleagues ahead of the election because they “are going to lose.”

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As long as the repub’s have PUTOLOSIE, no problemis…

When the law clearly states Illegal Alien why does Sean Hannity continually give credence to the Progressive Left effort at what they term to be “Politically Correct” when the Legally Correct terminology is Illegal Alien.

President Trump has expanded the economy, created substantial full-time jobs, gave citizens & business a huge tax break while increasing Government receipts & is the only US President in my lifetime to attempt to actually keep his campaign promises.
Democrats should suffer large losses in Congress especially if Paul Ryan is replaced shortly.