Trump’s NJ golf course hiring illegals immigrants


Somewhere in the capitol, Romney is laughing


Wasn’t there already a piece about the Nunes farm?


Why don’t you care that your nationalist hero is a giant hypocrite? He’s the one who wants to use the National Guard for round-ups. You think he was going to point them at his properties, or yours?


There’s a very good possibility that dozens of illegal immigrants are currently working at Mar a Lago.


Strictly gold are the rumours.



this is my favorite thread today.


And half of them are paid by foreign states


These illegal immigrant workers are probably on welfare as well.


I remember the good ‘ole days when employing illegal immigrants was the death sentence for any candidate’s campaign.


This does make one wonder just how many illegal immigrants the Trump organization employs.

How many at Trump winery?


Now it’s just a Thursday.


Howard Dean lost a campaign because he screamed funny.


I would imagine, hundreds.




We know he’s a hypocrite…we also know libs are hyprocrits. So what.

Or is libs are along ones that are allowed to by hypocrites?


So your defense for this is “Liberal are hypocrites”


Where’s the porn star and the rolled up magazine?


Off in the corner laughing at a mushroom


Hahhahahaaa this is the best you have?


And this, folks, is whataboutism.

“Your side did a thing, so why doesn’t my side get to do the thing.”