Trump’s New Ukraine Defense Is Crumbling

Lets bring the Ukrainians in to testify, we know that Prosecutor Biden bought doesn’t like him.:popcorn::rofl:

Well they can’t question anyone as long as Republican thugs are seizing control of hearing chambers and undermining all the SCIF security protocols.

Can you name the prosecutor whom Biden bought? We know that Biden played a role in carrying out the Administration’s desire to see Victor Shokin fired, but the purchase of a prosecutor is a new one.

Generally… if a website had the word “Truth” in it… it should be treated with the same skepticism as a fwd:fwd:fwd: email.

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Barr can put Joe and Hunter in a line up for the Ukraine Government if he needs to right?

You mean like the Russian collusion lie pushed by all those sick people?

Not in this matter. Trump’s call transcript relates how Trump told Zelensky to work with Barr to arrange the favor. In any investigation Barr has to recuse himself since Trump just named Barr as a party to the abuse of power. Barr isn’t putting anyone in a lineup on this one.

Attempted coups have consequences!

Good point. I hope Matt Gaetz and the rest of the Republican thugs lose their security clearances for their stunt today.

What stunt?

This isn’t a impeachment inquiry, especially with out a vote to impeach!

My first thought about “American Truth Today” was “Right Wing News parody site”. Apparently not.

For the life of me, I can’t parse this one.

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English isnt his first language

Because in Weedy World you always decide guilt or innocence and then you investigate!

Simple, no vote no impeachment.

No you vote first, with out it they are Commie boot lickers hiding.

The vote happens after the inquiry is complete according to the rules set by Republicans

There is no place in the Constitution or in formal House procedure where this vote is required.

In the Nixon impeachment, five months of House proceedings were carried out before the vote to open the impeachment.

You are making up rules so that you have something to whine about.

As opposed to what Democrats do, which is to fabricate evidence, declare the person guilty publicly, leak enough of the fabricated evidence to the complicit left wing media (AKA the Liberal Pravda) to gain public support from the brain dead liberal public for an investigation, AND THEN INVESTIGATE without end, the evidence that was fabricated to begin with.

And not learning from getting your asses handed to you every time you do it!!

Keep dreaming of Trump’s removal from office, that will make his victory in 2020 all the better…

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The last three votes to impeach that failed should be your first clue to how it works.:rofl:Democrats are destroying them selves by not voting first!

Those were attempts to force Pelosi’s hand into doing what is now happening. The vote to start an inquiry isnt mandatory though