Trump’s Financial Statements Are So Full of Lies That His Accountants Put A Warning Label On Them

When compiling these statements of financial condition, those accountants have said they did not verify or audit the figures in the statements. Instead, when Trump provided them data, they wrote it down without checking to see whether it was accurate . . . The documents begin with two-page disclaimers, warning of various ways in which the statements don’t follow normal accounting rules. The accountants note that Trump is the source of many buildings’ valuations—and that, contrary to normal accounting rules, he had inflated them by counting future income that wasn’t guaranteed.

“Users of this financial statement should recognize that they might reach different conclusions about the financial condition of Donald J. Trump” if they had more information, the statement concludes."

Dude lies to everyone about everything.

Raise your hand if you don’t know by now that our President is a massive liar.

But hang on. Here’s the best part…

". . . in an odd way, Welch said, Trump could be helped by the sheer scale of the exaggerations. They were so far off from reality, Welch wondered whether any real bank or insurer could have been fooled. Welch said he’d never seen a document stretch so far past the normal conventions of accounting. “It’s humorous,” Welch said. “It’s a humorous financial statement.”

Let me interpret that last part…

You’d have to be an idiot to believe President Trump’s financial lies.

If one lies so much and everyone knows it’s a lie and they do business anyway… is it really technically a crime?

Lying is cool.


That’s pretty much accounting speak for:

“This guy is full of ■■■■■ but he’s paying for this report. Hence, we are providing the report, but can verify nothing in it or endorse any decisions based upon it.”

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If an accountant is to put their professional name on your tax returns, then they must have access to all of your financial records. I’m not in this for an audit so…I give my accountant access to everything. He then puts his stamp on my tax submissions stating that he has examined them and they are correct. Not all businesses do this and if they do not, they are more apt to be audited. If I was audited, my accountant would be there and go to court with me…if necessary? Trump is being audited by the IRS as I write this and that’s totally his choice.

Is this some kind of weird deflection or something?

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It’s what happens in real life…for some.

Such an odd deflection that addressed none of the OP. Unsurprising of course.

And proof Trump is being audited by the IRS for anything more than his current tax return. Which is standard for all Presidents. Thanks.

Just an FYI, these are financial statement audits - NOT tax audits:

but have also allegedly manifested in financial statements sent to banks and insurance companies, in which the ex-real-estate developer inflated his assets in order to obtain loans. And now, thanks to documents obtained by the Post, we have some fun examples of his most absurd financial claims, many of which are now under scrutiny.


You simply can’t talk about Trump’s massive lies.

But you can vote for him.

Trump: “How many lots are ready for sale?”
Employee: “31”
Trump: “Write 55”
Trump: “Oh, and write that Trump Tower is 65 stories”

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Ha. I forgot he lied about how many stories the tower has.

Here is an article saying he lied about the value of his penthouse. Architural Digest calling him a liar. I cannot imagine being a supporter of his and seeing his nonstop lies.


I did talk about it and explained that when hiring an accountant, they give you a choice of two services; 1. they do your taxes based on your numbers or 2. they do the audit of your financial information, your taxes and place their name of professional integrity on the submission. Trump chose number 1 and the accounting service is making that known to the IRS. This is everyday business but to those that are libs and aren’t in business, it’s a time to light your hair on fire,amirite? :sunglasses:

This has nothing to do with taxes…

These are his financial statements for loans…


This isn’t a story about taxes.

…until it is.

I am sure his taxes report completely different, much lower figures…

We’ll let you know when that happens.

OMG! What a load of TDS dung! Geez Louise do those who suffer from the ailment have a life outside of trashing Trump 24/7. NO, I don’t think so.

For every “lie” the Vanity Fair idiots rack up they lose brain cells and they have pretty much emptied their skull of any grey matter.

These services are always about the bottom line and taxes…period. Now excuse me, I’ve got to go stimulate the economy. Have a super, duper, Trump double-scooper day.