Trump’s 2020 Campaign Has Reportedly Funneled Over $1 Million Into His Own Businesses

Our President be doing what he does…grift

“Federal election filings analyzed by Forbes say that Trump’s 2020 campaign has raked in millions of dollar from donors while Trump himself has converted at least $1.1 million of those donor funds into his own money by charging “the campaign for hotels, food, rent and legal consulting”

So he’s taken over $1 million dollars of campaign donations and funneled it straight into his own pocket. Hard to believe that amount of goods and services has even been provided by Trump businesses to the 2020 campaign.

I don’t know how anyone can read that article and not realize trump is a consummate grifter and con. Even with donor money.

Hey, he’s a businessman.

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It truly is mind blowing, just goes to show how blinded so called conservatives truly are.

The dream of “owning the libs” is so engrained in their heads it has turned their brains into mush.

Nothing else matters…

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LOL He could have reimbursed himself for much more than a million.

Figures show Trump spent $66 million of his own cash on election campaign

“I think it’s time for me to make a campaign stop. Hmmm. Here, let me stay here at this hotel that I own. And I think I’ll charge myself $750 per night to stay here. At that rate I could stay a few nights. Let me just make this check out to Trump Inc. There. Oh wait. A tip. Yes. A tip. I think a $50,000 tip is about right. Let me just add that in and send it off to me.”

Donald Trump isn’t even a conservative he just says things that so called conservatives like and so-called conservatives know it.

Who knew all you had to do was repeat AM radio to conservatives and they will give you their keys.


We’re talking about his 2020 campaign cash.

OH. I didn’t know you all were through with his 2016 campaign.

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Have been since Nov 8th, 2016.

OP has 2020 in it. I understand its a reflex to immediately defend everything your hero does.


lol pathetic.

Trump started campaigning for his 2020 election the minute after he won the 2016 election - and he’s been campaigning for it ever since.

Talk radio excoriated Obama for starting to campaign for his re-election somewhat early in his Presidency…but he didn’t start the day after.

But of course no criticism of Trump by the folks who laughed and scorned Obama for doing the same thing…


Every president does these kinds of things if they are able to. You have to have TDS to think this is a bad thing that only Trump does.

Obsession with everything Trump cannot be good.

If you read the Trump campaign’s FEC filings, you’ll see that the vast majority of that $66 million were loans to his campaign, not donations.

If you look even closer, you’ll see that he paid himself back using donations as well.

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Poor, poor, poor obama. He’s just a victim of this whole politics thing.

He’s the first victim president.

I know, he said they were loans. Loans work both ways with a campaign. He has a treasurer.

What a funny thing to say on the same day where your guy tweeted this.

obama was still the first.

He’s historic!