Trump Running Again

A lot of talk about Trump running again. No question that his most of what he did was wonderful and we need him… technically. However, would it really be too much to ask for him to back-off of the arrogant and confrontational manner? I believe a little humility (sincere and consistent) would put him over the top in 95% of all he does.
Perhaps someone who has his ear can muster the courage to say something to him. Someone who is not intimidated by him nor someone who simply wants to remain in his good graces. I would vote for him again, but am sure, very sure, that if he humbles himself, genuinely, it would turn the tide of the next election.


Will never happen. He HAS to be the center of attention and has no filter.

Regardless of policy dude is an embarrassment on the national stage. Biden is just a “rebound” guy. Hopefully we have some decent candidates running for 24 from BOTH parties.


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i dont see Democrats esp Biden being any better.

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To the R’s, Trump’s manner is a feature, not a bug. It is a (the?) pillar of his political brand.

And let’s face it: political discourse has coarsened. He would once again face all the incoming flak, scorn, and ridicule.

He may as well keep to what works.

Good point.

Ironically by having Tweeter go beyond the pale and censor him…they just removed the largest part of what you object to.

Had they let him rant he would not be in as strong a position as he is now.

Life is just full of delicious irony.


It all seems inevitable Trump runs again unless another candidate in the GOP catches him in the polls. As far as his vitriol is concerned it could be a blessing in disguise for him that he was banned on Twitter.

I personally wish someone else ran who was more small government than Trump. Both sides seem to be lacking star talent atm. Like him or not Obama had it, same as Trump had it. Biden is just boring which everyone was ok with because things were supposed to be better but they are not. It’s just bad and boring he will likely be primaried.

That comes with the package.

It will not change. It’s a sad part of the Trump presidency, and if we want what we know he can do in terms of political initiatives, we will have to accept the personality that goes with it.

Some might say that he wouldn’t be able to to what he wants to do without the personality and boorishness.


One way or another Trump will say anything to make more money off of his base. So I think he will say he is running. He will not run unless he is sure that the fix is in in key states. His ego will not allow him to lose another election. And he certainly will not listen to advice. His history is that he sticks with his own impulses. I think he truly believes that nobody except him knows what to say and do.

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At the very beginning of Trump’s first term, his daughter Ivanka advised her father to act more “Presidential” than what he was acting like at the time. How it went after that is what I’d guess will be the established pattern forever.

I don’t think a president needs to act presidential to be effective. Trump’s shenanigans annoyed me, but I could live with them. His actions and lies about fraud since the election, though, are a different story. That’s also an established pattern, and voting him back into the White House would be a huge mistake.

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In order to have a chance in the election the GOP nominee has to be able to fire back and defend themselves against the barrage of venom/lies that will inevitably come from the media and woke libs otherwise they will get destroyed during the campaign.

Trump and DeSantis are the only 2 i think that could do that and have a chance in the election.

Isn’t it true that if he becomes an official candidate, Twitter has to give him a platform ?

No. They took it away while he was President.

Trump is better without it anyway.

I think you may be right, not sure where I heard that

Welcome to the forum. Absolutely do not see Trump humbling himself. Personally I’m hoping he doesn’t run. For one he would be 78 years old and considering that it’s better for the Republican party to have someone else.


If Twitter hates him so much they will give him his account back.
As I have posted before, it is his tendency to create new baggage rather than his old baggage that concerns me. He seems to have one absolute rule…no conflict with Trump’s wishes. He was blasting Thune for certifying the election even though Thune defended him in two impeachment’s.

No one will set him straight on anything the way the OP wants because if they try to do that they will be expelled from his circle.

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The good Lord accepts us “just as I am” (as the song goes). So I can certainly accept one our greatest presidents again without trying to change him.

If anyone is under the belief that Trump haters will not behave like the lying sons of bitches that they are if president Trump is nice to them, they haven’t been watching politics as long as I have. They used his snark as an excuse to hate him… but they REALLY were attacking him just as he said… to attack us, the Americans First citizens of this country.


yes. I believe it would. it’s who he is.

Good point.

The negative look back at the election bothers me. The shadow effort was legal enough to stand. It’s done. Forward vision is his strength. Stay there.