Trump retweeted this theory?

Yet this week, the idea became more mainstream as Trump himself retweeted posts and a video promoting the conspiracy about bin Laden’s death.

Trump retweeted the Qanon theory that Obama and Biden had teh seal team that killed OBL killed???

And that OBL is still alive???

I missed that gem.

This is beyond disgraceful and should be condemned by every american politician, and frankly, every american period.

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And the thing that is so so so so very stupid about this is that he has all the resources to know if this was true or not.

The President of the United States is doing the “Just Asking Questions” thing that 9/11 truthers would do.


He needs to use social media to get around the fake news that won’t report…the…truth?

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How is this not a bigger story? The POTUS suggesting OBL is still alive and Obama and Biden murdered troops?

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Because it is part of the firehose of ■■■■ that has been sprayed for four years from the President.

Remember like a year ago when the President got upset because he couldn’t buy Greenland?


Just another burning tire on the dumpster fire that is the trump administration…

It was a retweet, not a tweet. You have to say a retweet backwards to become responsible for it.


An hour ago trump just tweeted (with commentary) a conspiracy story from the Babylon Bee, a satire site who’s tagline is, “ Fake news you can trust, delivered straight to your inbox.”

Respiration has set in in a bigly way…


Other posters have use that site as if it’s a legitimate site. LOL.

Wait a second. I thought one of the members of the team just caused a big kerfuffle when he refused to wear a mask on airline.


You don’t need to wear a mask if you are dead, duh…

To be fair, fake news satire is about as close as many trump supporters get to reality…

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So, when do we get the low down on whether we really sent someone to the moon, or it was staged and the whole thing was filmed in New Mexico?

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Bizarre. Indefensible. Totally par for the Trumpcourse.

What’s the deal with Qanon on this forum? I started a low-key thread about it yesterday (which person responded to) and it got ■■■■ -canned.

I am genuinely curious about how Republicans and conservatives are dealing with this group in their midst—particularly as (once again) the President boosts them with garbage like this and as Q-connected people are winning GOP primaries and may be in the House soon. Why is this a taboo discussion here?

I wish a trump supporter would chime in on this.

Is this topic forbidden? What’s the deal?

…not one of Trump’s better moves.

Dear god, there is hope for this country yet…Thanks for chiming in.

The “hope”…is NOT…in Biden and I hope you’ll chime in and agree?

I’m going to vote for the guy that doesn’t retweet theories that OBL is still alive and Obama and Biden and the Seal Team murdered.

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