Trump restores health care option Obamma took away

Can you point me to “protect people from themselves” as an enumerated power of the federal government in the constitution or anywhere in the debate in it’s adoption?


Hilarious, so it’s cheapness not to want to be forced to pay for the health care of other people’s kids, even when in some cases their parents make more money than I do?

Its common sense as pointed out by many here.

Many federal agencies protect the dumb masses.

remember Fen-fen.

People would still be taking and dying it if it were not for the FDA.

how bout heroin? Or cocaine? or methyl alcohol, for human consumption?

how bout govt regulation of how much pollutant go into the air or for heavens sake, the clean water act.

we regulate things all the time for the benefit of the unwashed masses, who dont know any better.


“Common sense” is in no way a reference to an enumerated power granted to the federal government to “protect people from themselves”. Nor is a policy that does not cover things I have no need to be insured against a faulty or dangerous product I need protection from. As an example, being in our late fifties, we have no need to be insured against pregnancy. Or against addiction for that matter.

For the vast majority of people insured through their employer, that was not the case.

They do not

You are talking “enumerated powers” and I am talking common sense.

Health Insurance isnt a one size fits all.

Obamacare promised basic rights for health insurance.

Trump is rolling back those protections to the detriment of American society.

the really good thing is that trump wont always be president and his vaunted EOs will be undone by the next Democratic President.


Its common sense to regulate things to protect citizens.

The state requires minimums? How come you don’t pine for the option to get less than the minimum required?

Yes it was, they could get health insurance for their adult children, like I said, they just had to pay for it. You are saying they couldn’t make their employers pay for it, not that they couldn’t buy it themselves.

We’ll see about that, it’s going to be a different court the next time it goes to SCOTUS.

LMAO… Yeah, you could always buy health insurance on the open market… .Just like today…

I don’t mind paying for your kids or you.
Thata the difference

Correct, like I said, you could always insure your adult children, you just had to pay for it instead of making people like me help pay for it.

You make it sound far more easy and simple than it was for a great many people.

The sad irony? Under the old system, the people who needed the most help were the ones that had it the worst.

Yep… in the end it is cheaper. It is gets paid for one way or the other.

The other way ends up being a lot more expensive.

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It’s basically the entire concept of insurance.

Most of the time you pay for other people. Sometimes they pay for you.

You see the chart the white house put out about single payer and wait times? It’s a back fire

Well yeah…that why I never understood these guys arguments…the reality is you dont like the source not the actual insurance because it’s the same damn thing.

What do you think the political consequences of the Texas lawsuit to remove the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions be for the GOP in 2020?

I looked that up.

it is hilarious.

I just dont get why people would vote for these liars…besides judges