TRUMP RESPONDS: The President Responds to Report DOJ Considered ‘Removing’ Him from Office | Sean Hannity

President Trump responded to former Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe’s recent admission the DOJ considered “removing” him from office Thursday morning; calling the disgraced bureau boss a “puppet for Leakin’ James Comey.”

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Forget this. I want to know WHY McConnell and the Milquetoast Republicans presented such a piece of $hit buget. WHY in the world would they even consider this $hit a “compromise”???!!!

I wonder if such an overt coup attempt would be enough to get the people out into the streets in this country? Most of our career politicians and senior officials are convinced that we are a country of sheep.

Abby, Jesus Christ said that despite what politicians and many religious leaders say, we are not all God’s children down here. He said there are two types of people on the earth, and it’s not republicans vs democrats, or rich vs poor, or dog lovers vs cat lovers ! It’s which Spiritual Father planted us here, God or His enemy the devil. Find the bible in your home, I’m not saying this is you, but many bibles exist in homes where reading them has never been considered a worthwhile endeavor. In the gospel of Matthew chapter 13 verses 37 through 39 Jesus discloses this for us. He also told us that things He was disclosing to us during the time that He walked on the earth in the flesh had been desired to be known by many righteous men and prophets in the past but was withheld from their understanding. We are very privileged sons and daughters of God, and yet because of distractions or busyness (Being Under Satan’s Yoke) of life, we do not seek out these gifts of understanding. Both God’s children and Satan’s children were planted in and among every nation, kindred(race), and tongue, and are even intermingled within the same families. He said that within a family of 5, it would be 3 against 2, or 2 against 3. That is why He could say “any man who loves mother or father more than me is not worthy of me, and any man who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me, and a man’s enemies will be they of his own household” (Matthew chapter 10, verses 36 and 37). Our esteemed President seems to be having an issue with this. Even though at times he says some of the right words, his actions betray his lack of understanding as he goes forth thinking he can bring about compromise between the Truth and the Devil’s children. The Lord Jesus said there can be no communion between light and darkness. If Donald’s heart was truly for the Lord, God would back his every play, and the Devil’s children would tremble.
We have also been told that when we are in Heaven for eternity none of us will be able to boast of anything we have done in this life. Donald is having some issues in this area of spiritual growth. Many of God’s prophet’s in the past have only wished that God would have put in their hands the power that He has put in the hands of Donald and yet he doesn’t know how to wield it by going in the way of the Lord without an ulterior motive of bragging rights.