TRUMP RESPONDS: The President Responds to Pelosi’s ‘Shameful’ State of the Union Refusal | Sean Hannity

President Trump responded to Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to host the annual State of the Union address in the House of Representatives Wednesday; saying it’s “really a shame” the Democratic Party has become “so radicalized.”

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Does that mean it is over with the 1st ?
No more Free Speech ?

Regarding the State of the Union address:
Does it not stand to reason, that this Nation is still validated under the three Divisions as a sovereign Nation constitutionally: the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive even if there is a delay in one functional process?? This is thing, i.e., Judical decisions may take years as well as Legislative decisions in resolving matters pertinent to each, and it is not denied because of it, and that the President has a right to so speak to the American people. Is not the Nation still operating under the principle directives for three divisions of our government even thought there may be a delay in one of the three functions??? Are we people being intentionally muddled?

You lost me…
Are you saying that NP has the right to block President from speaking freely ?