Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transition of power after Election Day

Trump isn’t joking. He’s setting up his next con. I don’t think it will matter if he loses in a landslide, he’s still going to cause massive problems.

“Get rid of the ballots, and we’ll have a very peaceful—there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation.”

Yeah, he ain’t leaving.

Trump never closes off his options. The last transition of power was used to setup illegal surveillance, entrapment, and leaks of classified information in a failed coup attempt against Trump.

Meanwhile some on the left continue to push the idea of a military coup and states leaving he union if they don’t like the results:


Now the left wants Trump to guarantee that the Libs won’t get violent after the election.:rofl::rofl:


Dungeons and Dragons? :rofl:

Yes, I agree.

Trump wins by a big margin so that even deranged Democrats can’t claim they won.

Both Trump and the Democrats are reprehensible for stoking these fires, especially when the country is already kindling after the year we’ve had.


It’s possible that he will win again, but he will lose the popular vote again.

Depending on HOW he retains office, I will look at my options carefully.

And there you have it …tacit agreement that if this doesn’t happen the election must be rigged.

Can’t imagine why Trump wouldn’t take advantage of that kind of thinking.

Personally I think he wins again anyway. Biden may be leading in Michigan and PA (barely in PA) but he needs to flip a state like NC, WI or AZ to win…and I’m not seeing it.

If he flips PA, MI and ME-2 though we have the 269-269 tie…then it comes down to who gets the state majority in the House and the overall majority in the Senate.


In the case of a tie, voting in the house is by state; each state gets just one vote. Trump would win since Republicans control the majority of state delegations.

The question is if it is close in several states, will Trump just declare fraud and send the Republican legislatures in the state the orders to appoint electors favorable to him regardless of the outcome? I think that is a strong probability. He wouldn’t have to concede then and can continue this horrible year all the way through to the end.

He has learned a lot from his handler.

I disagree. Biden has many paths to victory. Remember, Trump only won by 77,000 votes. The last 3 years have surely alienated that many people.

One of the basic principles people should hold their president to is a peaceful exchange if power. It’s kinda what the United States is known for.

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What if he wins?

“do not concede under any circumstances”


Hillary has already told Biden not to concede.


sorry. beat you by like 1 earth second

Was it just that or a bit more? Lol.