Trump Ready to make a deal with Iran

Today, in Kansas City, Trump said he is ready to make a deal with Iran.

Trump says U.S. ready to make ‘real deal’ with Iran

You might recall that Trump rescinded the US from the deal a while back, reimposed sanctions and demanded that countries reduce their oil imports to zero by Nov 4th.

In other news…
China keeps buying Iranian oil, and the trade war adds a reason to defy US sanctions

I wonder what he’ll give away this time.

Who knew how complicated this foreign policy stuff could be… so complicated…

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What are the bets that the Administration is going to have to give stuff to them just to get back to what we had with them before he blew it up?

The odds are 100%

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Didnt he just all caps them on tweeter dude is moron

He did and he’s an idiot.

He’s treating Iran like a pimp treats his hos. That’s what they have missing for all the Obama years. Obama tried to be a nice guy all the time.

This ■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Another lib that feels defeated.

“Curses… foiled again.”

Yeah yeah … that must hurt.

Trump ready to make a deal? There’s a deal that won’t be happening.

List of deals he’s made:

It’s a pretty long list of attempted deals that ended in face plants.


And this from Valerie Jarrett’s nice people.

Donald Trump is going to make the best deal the world has ever seen with Iran. That phony Iran deal that Obama made was so weak; so weak that you would not even believe. Trump’s deal with Iran will be absolutely massive. People one hundred years from now will think, “Iran, that country really owes a lot to that Trump guy.” It will be true, too.

I don’t care what kind of deal, or any, that Trump gets with Iran. The mere fact that Trump is having a meeting with people from Iran means so much for us on the world stage. People never respected Obama. Can you even think about what Obama would look like if he was wearing the same kind of makeup Trump does? Trump can pull it off. That’s leadership.

Awwww. That’s adorable. She’s 100% American. But please again tell us how that because she lived in Iran for a little while she’s obviously an Anti-American Iranian sympathizer.

Well I mean it’s no all caps tweet acting like a lunatic soooooo

This is the Iranian foreign minister who had to publicly explain to the Republican Senate caucus how the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty worked, right?

How about a pizza?

Trump spoke to the leaders of Iran when he rescinded the deal. Yesterday he spoke to the people of Iran. IMO…the younger citizens of Iran have had enough of the current regime. Those at the top are feeling it from the outside thanks to Trump and from with in thanks to the younger Iranians and they’re going down.

She was born there.
Someone lied to you.