TRUMP REACTS: The President Says Court Ruling a ‘Tremendous Victory’ for the American People

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The White House issued President Trump’s official reaction Tuesday to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling regarding his ‘travel ban,’ saying the decision was a “tremendous victory for the American people.”

The Commander-in-Chief praised the Supreme Court’s decision just minutes after they upheld his revised immigration guidelines; saying “Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a tremendous victory for the American people and the Constitution… In this era of worldwide terrorism and extremist movements bent on harming innocent civilians, we must properly vet those coming into our country.”

“This ruling is also a moment of profound vindication following months of hysterical commentary from the media and Democratic politicians who refuse to do what it takes to secure our border and our country,” Trump’s statement added.

The ‘travel ban’ impacts travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and Venezuela.