Trump Rally Live - Youngstown Ohio 9/17/22

Lots has happened since his last rally. It will be interesting to hear his take on the Illegal’s being kicked off Martha’s Vineyard. Also, his private medical records being confiscated by the FBI.

Thousands arriving early from as far away as Florida for the rally. Should be interesting.


There goes another Senate seat.


Yep…Ryan was gonna beat him anyways though.

Should have stay back east little longer.

Maybe Trump needs to rebrand his rallies from make america great again to road to 52 dem senators. :grin:

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Notice: I’m bookmarking these “Blue Wave” type predictions for later amusement.


That’s one way of looking at it.

I love it.

Super sized crowd already. Will be a fun evening.

Thanks for starting a thread!

JD Vance is a solid candidate.

No concern with this seat.

As of now

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Ooh, a Trump rally? He must need to raise some money to pay his legal bills.

Hey, anyone who’s a big enough sucker to attend one of these cult meetings is foolish enough to think that Trump would actually pay his creditors.

The RNC already told Trump that they would not cover any legal work for what happened at MAL. And they also told him that as soon as he announces his candidacy for the 2024 election they would cut off all legal payments.


Keep those Trump rallies coming! Keep Truthin’ Q posts Mr. Trump!

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How much do you think he charges for admission?

Tried to get in before the sneering snobs, but I’m getting old and slow with way more interesting things to do. :rofl:

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How much more can he need!?

He has raised $500 million so far this year

It’s okay, you made it.

Not just Ohio.

Every time he opens his cakehole, it costs a seat.

It’s what happened.

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