Trump Rally in Wildwood, NJ


No one disputes that. :wink:

The closure is supposed to last for months. It was announced on the 17th in a NJDOT press release that the work would begin on the 20th. The announcement came a couple days after the rally was announced. The goal in road projects like this is to complete the work before the summer season when the route is heavily traveled. But I’m not sure the work startup couldn’t have waited until after the rally.
Here’s a Breitbart piece on the issue:

From what I hear in the district (my district) the estimates of the number of ticket requests are accurate. The Convention Center itself can’t hold more than about 8000 people. Because of the causeway entry to and configuration of the town, there would not be space for 100,000 people to congregate anywhere near the Convention Center, especially in winter when so much is closed off.

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He can come waste his time in CO.

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That would be a waste of time.

Anything Trump* did or said pre-Jan 20, 2017 never happened. Just ask any of his worshippers.

Or pre July 31 2019


Utterly forgiven and forgotten the moment he took the Oath in front of the Largest Inauguration Crowd in US history.

I heard over 200 million people attended.


New Jersey is not a battleground state.

Road closures/road work of that size take more than a few days to plan. It was initiated long before any rallies were scheduled

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The work was planned for the off season - most work to the barrier island communities will be planned for the off season. It was not previously scheduled to begin before the rally’s date. I live near the district, in a community that routinely struggles with how to work in road, dredging, drainage projects so they do not interfere with high traffic seasons. This particular project could easily have been begun in Feb, and been completed before Memorial Day.