Trump Rally in Wildwood, NJ

Next week, Trump is holding a rally in Wildwood, NJ. Now Wildwood is a shore community that slows down in winter - apparently a lot of seasonal restaurants and hotels are reopening for the event because, though the site only holds about 8000 people, they’re reporting that there have been about 100,000 ticket requests.

An interesting side issue is the closing of a major route through the district, from inland counties to the Wildwoods to correct sinkhole issues. Or “sinkhole issues”, since a lot of people are claiming that this is another “Bridgegate.” The memorandum announcing the closure was dated 1/17 for work that began on 1/20.

Another over flow Trump rally even in NJ. :grin:

How would closing it down on the 17th instead of the 20th affect traffic next week?

Good for Trump. I hope he enjoys himself.

The 2016 United States presidential election in New Jersey was won by Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, with 55.5% of the vote over Donald Trump’s 41.35%. New Jersey’s 14 electoral votes were assigned to Clinton and her Vice-presidential running mate Tim Kaine.

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President of the United States…Donald J. Trump. :grin:

I’m quite aware. I hope he enjoys himself in NJ.

He enjoys all rallies.

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He should hold his rally at Trump Casino in Atlantic City…

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Of course he does. He’s surrounded by a bunch of yes men and women. Strokes his ego. A good way to spread lies and deception and the Red Hat Mob gobbles it up.

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His 4 casinos in AC have long closed down.

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His campaign sends out multiple emails for rallies, containing a link to go to to request free tickets. All requests are “filled”. I have no doubt his fan club requests free tickets for all his events. There won’t be 100,000 people there.

Having said that, the person who runs his digital campaign is masterful, and has been non-stop for 3 years.

Shhh, I know :wink:

How many of those requests are “real” and how many are generated by bots employed to fluff the numbers?

Think I would bypass NJ and be hitting Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

And who cares? And doesn’t he have better things to do as impeached President of the US than be on a rock and roll tour for 3 years? It’s embarrassing and pathetic.


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He’s doing it in Jeff van Drew’s district - voted against impeachment then switched from D to R

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Now is a good time to post one of his old tweets blasting Obama for being the “Campaigner-in-Chief”

Actually, no.

Since the mechanics of governing do not interest Trump, he has no interest in policy and no tolerance for knowledge, the rallies are an essential part of the Trump Presidency.

They enable his followers to think they really represent all of America, because they get several hours of well staged entertainment designed to reinforce that message.

And for Trump, basking in the adulation of the faithful is essential to supporting his very fragile ego and tamping down his massive insecurities.

I cannot imagine the rest of the Trump Presidency without frequent rallies.

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Honestly, I believe them to be real. His fan club is ardent. You don’t have to have any intention of going to request tickets.

The thing is, every single “ticket” requires an independent email address. It’s a mechanism for collecting email addys. Like I said, the guy who runs this is masterful. Every rally expands the email list.

I don’t think you even really need these “tickets” to get into the rally.

Well, he was in Milwaukee last week. And Pence is here next week.