Trump Rally Crowd Unironically Chants ‘Lock Her Up’ As Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort Face Years in Prison

" Just hours after Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman was found guilty on eight charges of fraud and his former lawyer pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, the crowd at campaign rally given by the president in West Virginia Tuesday burst into a chant “lock her up.” Paul Manafort, who ran Trump’s campaign last summer, now faces up to 80 years in prison. Among the charges the president’s former “fixer” Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to were campaign finance violations, which he said were committed at the direction of Trump.

Apparently, the crowd in Charleston didn’t appreciate the irony of chanting “lock her up” just hours later."

funny stuff.:sweat_smile:

Despair is a hell of a drug.

My God they are still chanting that lol

We are talking about people who are equal parts stupid, brainwashed, and deplorable. If we are expecting them to ever come around to doing the right thing it simply isn’t going to happen. All we can do is marginalize them and lower their ability to harm the rest of us.

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Un ■■■■■■■ believable

They’re “good people” lol that’s trumps way of saying dont flip on me!!

Those poor brainwashed schlubs.

Oh well. Can’t stop laughing!

They’re idiots.

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I don’t seem to recall that either Cohen or Manafort ran against Trump in the 2016 general election???

How long will it be before they are chanting “Let him go”?


The irony is that she did it… Rigged system.

Good little bot!

Rigged with hunt! :joy:

The 2016 general election was over 21 months ago. Why are they still chanting about Hillary??

As I recall, I was responding to a post regarding Hillary and the “lock her up chant”. Does this mean, I’m no longer allowed to respond to something about Hillary with you LIBs harassing me?

These people must pray to God every day that hillary wakes up the next morning. They NEED her.

Responding to a post you made is not harassment. if you dont want people to comment on your posts dont post.

Yesterday I posted in another thread that it would be funny if they started the chant. And then the mouth breathers and knuckle draggers did it. I mean I get it, Trump supporters from ■■■■■■■ West Virginia but it’s still hilarious.

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Trump supporters are a little touchy right now. :laughing:

Mindless drones.

Comey wrote Hillary’s exoneration at the beginning of the investigation. Do you think Mueller did the same for Trump? Do you think Mueller ever had any intent to? The two investigations are at polar opposite ends of the universe and the real kicker is, Hillary committed multiple crimes.