Trump rally continues


Were you a general? or something?



The old Tea Party.


Ohhhh boy


How would he know, if was not allocating resources to troops?



You must’ve been a general, then.


General AM Radio, perhaps.


Because data.

Obama spent more on defense than Trump as a % of GDP.

Why is Trump short changing the military?


Only generals know if the military is getting “gutted?”


This :arrow_up:

The lowliest grunt has access to not only all of the information available to any keyboard warrior, but also internal policy dissemination and relevant scuttlebutt.


Were you ever in the military.


OK, exactly why do you think the FED raised interest rates in a low-inflation period?


Not really…


They thought very low unemployment rates would cause inflation… Old thinking. Our economy now extends beyond our borders.


New thinking: the law of supply and demand no longer applies. Twilight Zone economics instead of Voodoo Economics, I guess. I’ll pass.


This is one of those infrequent occurrences wherein the existence of your statement is proof you don’t know what you’re talking about.

TLDR: If you’d ever served you wouldn’t have written this.


So you’re a globalist then.


Debt vs deficit. Look it up.


the last 14 months…


Did Obama deplete or add to the Military?

Or do you think that Fox News and other Conservative media outlets are
lying when they say things like; ICE doesn’t have updated equipment, and have
needed it for years? Or we have older equipment that should have been updated
for soldiers in general?

Gee, I wonder how many American lives would have been saved, had we had
better gear and updated gear for our soldiers? Than again, the Dem Dems
have always seemed to want to weaken our military, and act like ******* towards
other countries, and go on Apology tours like Obama did.