Trump rally continues


Yes… But which sentence are you referring too.


If Obama’s economy was so great, Hillary would have won…

This is just pure speculation without any backing, an assumption.


There’s a reason he won in the rust belt… and it’s not targeted ads by Russians on facebook like this one…




Cute poster but unlike you, i dont argue using memes. Try using data.


We were assured during the Obama admin that the Fed was propping up the Obama economy. Now the Fed discontinues those same policies that were propping up the Obama economy, and they’re slowing down the Trump economy?

If nothing else you guys are consistently inconsistent.


You’ve said Liberals are liars and now they’re your source. LOL

Who else did that? Bush 43 and Reagan. (Reagan almost tripled the debt - good times)

Not to mention Obama added $8T, the same pace Trump is on.

I hope Trump does better but he hasn’t done anything yet to show that’s even a concern. He’s got more money than he knows what to do with. Bet he figures it out real quck and it won’t be for deficit reduction or lowering the debt.


At least Trump can save money on ads knowing they don’t work.


how many times have i posted that Republican Media has mastered the good vs evil thing as it relates to Hillary. it’s like they’re really preachers and their congregation spreads their word.


Maybe you should think about that for a bit and get back to us when you actually begin to understand.


These sorts of idiots


McCain is an idiot for not trumpeting a winger meme?

That sounds like a winger meme about a winger meme.


I wasnt calling mccain an idiot


How 11+ 8 =19.
8 trillion in debt is adding to the debt
not subtracting from it while under Obama.

Booyakasha blaca blah blah!


Then I misunderstood your post.


And now we’re at 22 trillion. Trump has outdone Obama and added 3 trillion in two years. Winning?


I already understand…


Obama depleted the Military… Trump is rebuilding it. What did you want to cut?


Walmart has earnings way over exceptions…

Here’s what the retailer reported for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019 compared with what analysts were anticipating, based on a survey by Refinitiv:

  • Earnings per share, adjusted: $1.41 vs. $1.33 expected
  • Revenue: $138.79 billion vs. $138.65 billion expected
  • Same-store sales in the U.S.: up 4.2 percent vs. growth of 3.2 percent expected


And what will our rebuilt military do?

I hope Trump is getting rid of all those obsolete warships that the Navy doesn’t want but that Congress is insisting get built anyway.


I was in the miltary when Obama was president. That isnt true.