Trump rally continues


Worst case metric, Obama added about 1 trillion a year also.


Obama was dealing with the worst recession in a couple of generations.

Trump is dealing with the best economy the universe has ever seen and can’t do any better.

I’m very impressed by Donald Insane Mohammed Akbar Epstein Deep State Manchurian Trump.


so in other words Trump is on the same path spending wise nationally that Obama
the Democrat was correct?


Maybe he’ll post about it again in a couple days of it goes back over 25 K


Not really. Obama inherited a decimated economy that was hemorrhaging jobs with a plunging stock market. Trump inherited the opposite of that.


I know right!? How many Americans again were on Welfare and Food Stamps
Under Obama, compared to Trump?

Now why would Democrats and Obama prefer for People to Rely on the Government
for such things as Welfare and Food Stamps? Socialism is big government.
Socialism wants people to rely on the Government for everything.
Do you see a relation there also?




Is that why He was on Liberal lists of one of the top Richest people in America?

Most people in America could do as good as Obama and the Dems did with the Economy. Almost doubling the national debt. 11 trillion to 19 Trillion.

Most people could probably do better actually.


Obama did that while reducing the ridiculous deficit every year that the republicans had created.

You must be proud of Trump now increasing the deficit again, right?

Trump is a con man and a criminal, but yes, Russian oligarchs kept him wealthy through Deutche Bank as long as he was willing to help them launder their money through his properties.



Only a thousand points from new highs…

Trump is Cool…


I was upset the fed slowed the economy down, especially around the midterms, but they may have helped Trump in the long run by giving us a little slow down, cooling the economy and allowing a couple more years of good growth in the rebound…


So when the market is up, Trump is cool.

When market is down, it’s always someone elses fault.

Mental illness is cool.


The fed raised interest rates when there was almost no inflation.


So just assume. Geez this is the sort of mindnumbingly stupid things that are relegated to holocaust denier level intellect or lack of.


Translation. Where we were a year ago.


Leftists killed nearly one hundred million people less than a hundred years ago… It’s talked about so little, it a lot like holocaust deniers… The first thing the leftists did was remove people guns…


Yes… to right before the fed started raising rates and Trump got tough on China.


Woosh. Need moar scripts plox.


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