Trump rally continues


Rise, repeat… Yes, No positive agenda by Nancy. I’ll leave the repeating circle now…


Did you not read the article where 80 of respondent link the trade war policy as the main reason for upcoming downturn? If Congress did is job as a check and balance on executive then there would be more stability . More stability leafs to better market and more profit for everyone. It’s really not that complicated


Nancy can’t stop tariffs…



Like clockwork.


Whats the point in reading when doublethink is just going to make tou say “it’s the dems fault”?


Course she can, power of the purse and political capital and pressure


Bored waiting for passengers to board


She can shut down the govt, but it’s not going through the senate. Trump picked up seats there.

Be fun to watch the dems shut down govt…


Who said anything about shutting down government 0-o there are Mich more delicate and finnese way to do things then a sledgehammer. Oh well

Horse. Water. Drink.


I could use another dem to strike out on a positive economic agenda from Nancy, so it will be three strikes total… Any takers?

I can see her standing up for large trade deficits…LMAO!


here’s why you never invest based on unknow internet posters…


And couldn’t figure out the Obama time period


How is the russell 2000 today. its down almost 300 since its high at the end off august.

Hope you were selling and not buying.

and hows that 30,000 dow coming along

more of the trump slump.



Once the fed stopped printing money Obama’s rally ended. Now the fed is paying back debt…

and still no positive agenda from Nancy…


I’ll take this as the third strike… No positive economic agenda from the dems…


So lazy

As House Democrats begin laying out the vision for their new majority, that item is noticeably missing from the to-do list and firmly on the margins. The agenda for now includes spending on public works projects, lowering health care costs and increasing oversight of the administration.


It’s almost like they don’t talk to each other.


GW Bush gained 2 seats in 2002.
Everyone knows about Clinton and Obama. Its been beaten to death. Too bad Trump is lame duck now.

Dems have solutions, they campaigned on them.
I asked in another thread to provide proof that the market it down is due to Dems taking House.

Great, no one cares about France.


you should probably take it as you didn’t know what you were talking about.


It’s more than just France… Brexit , Sweden… Growing anti globalist movement. Because the left makes people poor…