Trump rally continues


It was clear that you blame this drop on the Dems but do you blame the other major drops this last year on the Dems too?


Yes, … And now we have grid lock, because dems have no agenda but Trump hating…


If we had Hillary, and the dems running things they’d turn us into France as fast as possible…

Trump is Cool!.. ask the French people.


Wow ha ha…I had no idea investors all the way back in January dropped the Dow because of fear of a Dem take over of the House a year away. Man do you really believe this stuff?


Gosh, lib education is so bad… Stock Markets always look 6 months to a year out.

What do they have to look forward to with the dems taking the house? (You won’t answer because you can’t)


Wow it’s hard to imagine anyone believing something so delusional. I have to imagine that you are joking when you say this.

Seriously imagine it.

Investor 1: I’m thinking about getting out of the market. Some polls are showing that democrats might run the House a year from now.

Investor 2: yup- I’d only invest in the market if Republicans run both Congress and the White House.

Investor 1: yup agreed- the stock market has always tanked when democrats were in charge of any branch of government.

Investor 2: yup so true. Hey did you also get your investing advice from that guy Cratic?


Perfect, thanks…


Yup all the Democratic parts fault


That guy is the biggest left wing hack on CNBC…


Can any of the you dems take up the question, “What’s Nancy’s positive agenda”?

What does the market have to look forward to with dems in the house?


And what about those at


Stability, oversight, accountability


So, nothing but hearings. At least reps passed tax cuts along with their hearings… But, no positive agenda from the dem side.


Just wait grasshopper, we will both find out come the spring


Perfect, thanks again… Couldn’t answer the question. Strike two for the dems. Any other takers?


No it was answered but you didn’t like the answers. That different ya know.


No it was answered but you didn’t like the answers. That different.


You think over site is passing new laws? lol!


Hearings attacking the president is not adding stability… obviously!..


Enforcement of current laws, accountability in the government, cleaning out the corruption that is this administration and cozy relationship with certain players.