Trump rally continues


We are celebrating the lowering of unemployment of Anericans. I think you are referring to the unemployment of illegals under Obama… to the detriment of Americans.


Would Obams drop faster with an anvil?


Did somebody say Venezuela?


since 1/26/2018…


Perhaps you should take a look at actual employment stats and get back to us.


Make America Great Again!


30,000! Trump is great. USA! USA!

Rallies to the left, rallies to the right!


2018 is flat. Trump sucks


It’s really funny to watch how the Clintons book tour is failing so horribly, and
for Trump people are waiting outside to get in, and the arenas are jam
packed! lol.


It is funny, because as forum members keep saying, NO ONE cares about the Clintons. They are yesterdays news (except for the CEC, who keeps bringing them up day in and day out). Thus the reason why no one wants to attend their book tour or speaking tour.


The funniest part about the whole thing is that the Clintons are dinomite for the Republican media. The Clintons don’t want to give up their power, and are clawing and scrapping to
stay in the limelight, and the rest of the Democrats are trying to throw them under the bus.

hahaha. They come with to much baggage. Unfortunately between the Clintons being the poster boy and girl for evil, corruption, and the face of the Democratic Party for over 20+ years, this one may be coming back to bite the Dem Dem’s in the bum bum. lol.

Throw em harder under the bus, Dems. Throw em harder.



What power do the Clintons have? Both are private citizens.

How are the Clintons evil?
Yeah, bite the Dems in the butt, right. See what happened in early November? Trumps KFC-stained hands helped Republicans lose 39 seats. Oops.


I love me some chicken! KFC is good old fashion cooking.

How many seats have past presidents lost?
I think Trump did better than most others.
He gained some senate seats.

What happened to the big blue wave? lol.



40 House seats, many governorships, and countless state and local seats went Democrat.

That Blue Wave.

Now Trump is lame duck.


Trump did great picking up seats in the senate… I don’t think a rep pres has done that since IKE, and Obama and Bill lost seats in both houses and a lot more than Trump…

Yes, Nancy took the house…That’s why the market is down. Dems have no solutions for anything and don’t even care…

But France shows Trump is a sign of a growing movement, not the leader of it…


The market has been flat all year because Nancy took the House…in November?

Any way to find excuses I guess.


Yes… The markets were waiting to see than happens, it happened and now the markets are dropping. Dems have no positive agenda…


Wait so the big drops in January, March and June were because investors thought the House would be taken by the Dems? You seriously believe that?


What has you confused from my last post?.. It was clear…