Trump qestion Lincoln role ending slavery

Yes because the President specifically qualified he would send the military against rioters and looters. Remind me how many looters/rioters were at that DC church that he praised using tear gas on again…

At least one, the one that set it on fire.

Lyndon Johnson was a racist piece of garbage who did what was politically expedient. He doesn’t get kudos for that.

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Great post.

So can we just all agree that the vast majority of politicians are pieces of garbage that do whatever keeps them in office.

Yep. And Trump is just like any other politician, despite all claims to the contrary.

You really don’t understand how any of this works, do you.

When there is a complete fail of public order because of rioting, if you are “peacefully protesting” anywhere in the area, you are subject to get rolled up. It may not be fair, but that’s the way it is.

Did Trump send in Active Duty military? No.
Did he federalize the National Guard? No.
Has he invoked the Insurrection Act? No.

But even if he did, he would be well within his authority to do so and justified given past cases and the current situation.

He talked.

And because he said some things, a bunch of people got triggered and started prattling on about things they know nothing about.

It’s not racism.

Have you ever spoken to a black person who told you they don’t consider Lincoln their friend? Or did you just make that decision for black people?

Anywhere in the area, even several miles away.

Who needs an apology tour when your supporters are endlesslessly Trumpsplaining and apologizing for you? :laughing:

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would love the quote of him saying this.

No doubt

because black man scary?

most of the people arrested for looting happen to be 20 year old white kids.

Lincoln cared about one thing, the preservation of the union. He cared about the State and it’s interests. He didn’t care about blacks.

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I simply spoke the truth. The only reason for The Emancipation Proclamation was he believed it was the only way to win The War and Preserve The Union.

He was very clear that it wasn’t about anything else. If he could have won the war and saved The Union without it, it would never have been written or delivered.

So was Lincoln…

You made that up.

Yup. Sure was.

Yes. Anywhere in the area. Anywhere in the city. Anywhere.

If there is a riot in Seattle, they might start busting heads in DC if they have the same cause.

That’s how collectivism works. Just like blaming all cops for one cop’s murder. Or accusing all soldiers because of Abu Graib.

If you allow rioters to use you for cover, then you are subject to get rolled up. If you are out when they are out, you are subject to get rolled.

If you want to be treated differently, you have to separate by time and distance.

It’s not racism.

People of all races tend to self segregate, including blacks.

People tend to be most comfortable around people who look, act, and speak similarly and share similar cultures, language and nationalities.

Why do you think we have so many ethnic “communities” and neighborhoods in the US?