Trump/Putin BroLoveFest 2018 to take place July 16th

Ten to One he says Russia can have Crimea and “everything else.”

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He winged it with Kim and ended up giving considerable concessions with nothing to show in return. Now he heaps praise on Kin like a lovesick Taylor Swift tween.

That’s with a guy he didn’t even like before he met him in person. I can’t even imagine what kind of star struck foolishness Trump’s gonna exhibit in front of his bestie. This should work out well for all Eastern Europe.

This is going to be an epic ■■■■■■■ meeting.

Well just this morning on Twitter Trump was taking the Putin line declaring that Russia’s denials of interfering in our elections. I’m sure Putin will work him over in ways that will both be known up front and in ways we may not see the results of for months. Hooray! :man_facepalming:

Say goodbye to NATO.

Hey, Putin’s word is bond, man.

This is some awful ■■■■■

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If nothing else, maybe we’ll get a better idea of the “Trump” vision of where his presidency is going after this meeting…

Putin will be able to spell it out for him a lot better in person.

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Speaking of…

I’m Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

Once the whole russian collusion fantasy completely falls apart trump should have vlad over for the fanciest state dinner in recorded history.

Spare no expense. Maybe even make sure he can visit Disney World.

The great thing about Trump’s tweet is that you can fill it in with all kinds of Kremlin denials. You can just refill it, and then attack domestic political enemies!

The Kremlin denies responsibility for MH17


“Lots of people are saying they didn’t do it”.

Those lots of people will of course be mostly Russian, but there we go,

Poor Russia, they keep getting framed!

That aside, will Trump get a positive mid year review? Will he get a far exceeds, meets, or needs improvement?

He should include Kim Jong Un in that, too. Trump has a “terrific relationship” with him, too.

Well, they may receive some assistance from the Trump fan club. We’ve already seen one such example in this thread.

Anything to own the libs!

The 80’s called. They want their foreign policy back. Did Hillary steal the reset button like the White house furniture and dinnerware?

Don’t forget my favorite news story of the year, the Russians hiring a hitter to kill that emigre journalist in Ukraine, and said journalist faking his own murder complete with squibs and fake assassin to catch them out.

That’s insane. What a ridiculous idea.

You might as well throw in Duerte and then you can have a dictator barbershop quartet!