Trump Pushed CIA to Give Intelligence to Kremlin, While Taking No Action Against Russia Arming Taliban

Why would the Russian government think it could get away with paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers? One answer to that question may be the extraordinary response that Moscow received when the Trump administration learned of a precursor to the bounty operation. From mid-2017 and into 2018, Pentagon officials became increasingly confident in intelligence reports that the Kremlin was arming the Taliban, which posed a significant threat to American and coalition forces on the ground in Afghanistan.

President Trump’s actions in the face of the Russia-Taliban arms program likely signaled a weak US resolve in the eyes of Putin and Russian military intelligence.
Three dimensions of Trump’s response are described in detail in this article, based on interviews with several former Trump administration officials who spoke to Just Security on the record.
First, President Trump decided not to confront Putin about supplying arms to the terrorist group. Second, during the very times in which U.S. military officials publicly raised concerns about the program’s threat to US forces, Trump undercut them. He embraced Putin, overtly and repeatedly, including at the historic summit in Helsinki. Third, behind the scenes, Trump directed the CIA to share intelligence information on counterterrorism with the Kremlin despite no discernible reward , former intelligence officials who served in the Trump administration told Just Security .

Most of these officials emphasized, as a caution, the significant qualitative difference between arming the Taliban and paying bounties to kill American service members—a massive escalation. Unlike bounties, the Russian-Taliban arms program could also be potentially explained, or plausibly denied, by Moscow as an effort to assist the Taliban’s fight against the common enemy of ISIS. That said, the arms also reportedly became increasingly sophisticated in what appears to provide the Taliban an edge against NATO and Afghan government forces.

The failure to push back on the weapons program signaled to Putin that he could press further, said Michael Carpenter, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense with responsibility for Russia in the Obama administration. “When Western powers fail to push back, the Kremlin keeps prodding and probing — until it meets resistance, or until the costs for President Putin and his regime exceed the perceived benefits,” Carpenter wrote in Just Security on Friday.

What we now know is that President Trump not only failed to push back against Russia’s arming the terrorist group. That extraordinary act of omission was coupled with the president’s effort to push the CIA to cooperate with Russia by providing U.S. intelligence to the Kremlin on counterterrorism operations despite getting nothing in return, according to former officials.

Trump is really fond of the russians, eh? Why is that?

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The comedy styling of adam schiff everyone.

adam schiff… Funny guy.

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Oh cool. Yet another accusation woven by unnamed sources.

Yes, and these anonymous sources spoke “on the record” LOL.

You guys should read the article.

The sources are named.


This is my totally surprised look.

The sources are not anonymous.

You’re right about that, neither do they provide anything we did not already know except for their own opinions about policy.

“They” in your sentence, of course being, the Generals commanding the war in Afghanistan, and the Secretary of Defense, as sourced in this article.

And the information we “already knew”, of course being, that Russia is arming and supporting the Taliban.

So since you agree this is is all fact, and everyone knew about it already…How come Trump doesn’t?


This guy thinks that Generals testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee is “unnamed sources”!

Holy wow!

It can’t be that he commented on an article without reading it first. Nobody would do something that silly.


This is your limited commentary vs the wall of text you posted, eh? Why is that?

Well that is just TDS or something man.


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Sharing intelligence information with Russia? Is this harping back to when Trump informed Russia about methods the terrorists could use to blow up civilian airplanes?
So now, to get Trump, liberals apparently want innocent civilians to be blown up.

Overall…Trump is the elected leader of the executive branch. There are obviously still members of the intelligence community that believe that it is the bureaucrats that make US policy and elected leaders should not “interfere” with governmental policy. No. That is not how a democracy works.
I hope they find and prosecute these leakers regarding unsupported claims about bounties…

Remember when Schumer warned that the the intelligence community had ways to get you if you got on their wrong side? We are seeing that now.

As to the selling of arms:

“We took this seriously; we handle it appropriately. The Russians have been selling small arms that have put Americans at risk there for 10 years. We have objected to it. To your point, when I meet with my Russian counterparts, I talk with them about this each time: “Stop this.” … So yes, maybe not every time, but with great frequency, when I speak to my Russian counterparts we talk about Afghanistan. We talk about the fact that we don’t want them engaged in this.”

So why weren’t Democrats upset with Obama over this? Possibly because they know that we can’t just order Russia around.

So let’s step back shall we and examine this Trump hating screed.

Sources are named and there are a smattering of facts. But that’s where the sanity ends.

As is often the case with those who really don’t like Trump, these smattering of facts are woven into the most God awful narrative in order to denigrate the man that they hate so much.

And of course Trump haters reading this screed point to the smattering of factual information, expecting us to accept the screed itself as fact.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

…and…no names to the “sources”.

Imagine if Obam…

Oh never mind.

Look, nobody believes he’s an actual Russian agent. He just persistently acts like one.


Is that what the known Russian collusion liars have you thinking?