Trump purposes to ban German cars

Because why not? Odds are trump is going for max effect before backing off…but still stupid

if this happens i can easily see europe respond by banning us aircraft sales…

Can anybody provide an example of “fake news”? :sunglasses:

Well, let’s face it - we have no idea what those scary German cars have planned. They could have terrorists hiding in their midst. They could be bent on world domination. Who knows what is in the heart of a German car.

Oh, wait - cars don’t have hearts …

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So much for trying to get fair price for an M5. LOL

This would also affect Rolls Royce, which is now owned by BMW. So, some of Trump’s billionaire buddies may not like this idea.

What happened to the free market will solve everything trumpsters? I know, I know you really didn’t believe in that.its a good talking point when going up against those evil lefties…but its empty…like everything else

Well this would be stupid…

According to the article several US and European diplomats reported it to the news outlets. Donald says a lot of stupid ■■■■, sometimes for effect and sometimes he can’t help but fart his impulsive thoughts out, so it may well never happen but it’s completely in character for him to do it.

On that…we agree. Trump has a big mouth that fires off before his brain loads his lips.

People are saying the Germans where shipping over Middle Eastern terrorists in the trunks of those cars. It was their way to expel them from their own country.

Trump is simply protecting us from people who will chop off our heads.

I had the same thought in 2016 watching election returns roll in. :wink:

I’ve been looking at the new VW “California” camper van.

Does this suffice? :sunglasses:

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:hugs: @Smyrna


Lets just ban all imports,

end of trade deficient.


I better get my new BMW before the ban!

One problem is…what’s an import? Some Buicks are made in South Korea and China. Some Chevrolets are made in Canada, Mexico or Australia. Some Hondas are made in the US. It’d boil down to a American made % content and some vehicles that were truly thought to be American would be exposed as imports.

he’s probably just punching Merkel.

the next president is gonna have a lot of relationship repairing to do. of course Trump doesn’t care who (like wives) he trashes.