Trump Pulls out of NK Summit

But they minted a coin and everything!

(also first post. hello)

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Does that mean he won’t get novel prize

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Nobel prize I mean

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This is Jack’s lack of surprise.

Back to the drawing board.

Nope. No Nobel Prize.

Also not awarded: SurPrize.


Dammit! There goes the Nobel.
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Infrastructure week is turning out to be a real bust!

And another loss for the great deal maker. Wonder why the Norks don’t trust a nation that renegs on deals?

Well played ‘Za

But what about the coin?!?!?

Replaced by this:


Just heard about this and was about to post a thread about it. I’m shocked, I tell you - shocked!!

Anyone else getting tired of all this winning yet?

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Didn’t the Norks just blow up some nuclear testing tunnels as a sign of good faith?

I saw that this morning and thought it would bode well for the talks but obviously Somehow Trumps ego was slighted.

However I did say that if Trump could pull this off he should be in the running for the nobel peace price alas the great negotiator couldn’t even get to the table.

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I don’t see how this was a good move, but then we don’t know everything Trump knows. We will have to see what develops, Trump has been able to read this guy pretty well in the past.

Worlds best negotiator strikes out. Again.

I actually was giving Trump a lot of benefit of doubt here and was ready to give him and his administration a ton of credit if this came to fruition.

Shame on me for thinking Trump could actually get anything done and follow through.

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Thank you kind sir. Ive literally been lurking for years. Actually registered when the new board went up, and finally found something worth posting that won’t just be kvetching.

Screw north Korea…Trump got the hostages out before he backed out. Well played Mr. Trump

Lol Psych!!! Just kidding

lol twitter is going to be LIT…lolol 45 is messed up as a soup sandwich

I would not assume this is the end.