Trump promised 20 million vaccines by the end of the year

…and we are at 2.1million.

What is going wrong?

Trumps claim was backed up by others in teh administration, so this isn’t an example of trump just pulling numbers out of the air.

I heard someone on one of the news stations on the drive in saying the issue is the fragmented state level final mile. There is no coordinated national plan. It’s just left ot the states to figure out how to get the shots in the arms. And some states are prepared, and others are not.

What do we need to do to signifigantly improve delivery?

FYI, one person in our neighborhood got her vaccine! So that was exciting!

Adding new link and quote - I heard on Fox what I heard yesterday - the admn and warp speed had in fact aimed for 20M vaccinations.

The Trump administration officials heading up Operation Warp Speed acknowledged that the coronavirus vaccine rollout has been slower than expected and that it was “unlikely” to meet its goal of 20 million vaccinations by the end of the month.

The process has been “slower than we thought it would be,” Dr. Moncef Slaoui, who is heading up the administration’s efforts to speed up vaccine production and distribution, told reporters during a press conference last week, adding that the goal of 20 million two-dose vaccinations is “unlikely to be met.”

adding a fox news link.

biden/harris scared people off of wanting it, soooooo…

You didn’t include the part where ghiroir said it’s likely higher than that, AND it’s not the end of the year quite yet.

TDS away though. TDS away.

You don’t want my honest opinion on this btw.

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With a dem in office it would have been the middle or end of next year before a vaccine even came out.

Trump speeded it up.

You’re welcome!

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Can’t just go eradicating the virus all at once. Then people would move on with their lives.


I don’t know who ghiroir is. Do you have a link?

lol. maybe that’s it. Trump doesn’t want to spoil us…

brett giroir.

Sorry, misspelled it.

Hate to break it to you, but Trump doesn’t run the country.

And the dems said there would be zero vaccines ready. His prediction was much more accurate than theirs. He did way better than any of them had hoped. Operation warp Speed is one of the most incredible success stories in U.S. history.


Still don’t know who he is.

Not trying to be a downer, but mathematically, you are incorrect. 2.1 is closer to zero than 20.

And seriously, I’m not trying to rain on any parade - I’m just wondering how was can improve.

The 20M came from somewhere, and somehow things got off track. Or are not living up to estimates.

What are they, how do we fix it?


“WE” don’t fix anything. Because “WE” don’t know the first thing about manufacturing meds. “WE” are not allowed anywhere near pharmaceutical manufacturing. With good reason. They are moving as fast as they can. You will just have to be patient.

So when they predicted 20M and they delivered 2M…you don’t think there is a problem somewhere?

Why are you still focused on Trump with three weeks to go? Trump is now ancient history. :confused:


If there is a problem, I’m guessing the CNN will inform us of what it is? So far I have not heard of any problems what so ever. Have you? It appears to be going very smoothly. Everyone in government seems to like the progress. I don’t think anyone is panicking because they made a prediction months ago and missed it by a few weeks. I would’t call that a scandal. But you are free to. I don’t think you will see a lot of outrage here. Let me know if you do.

@tnt As someone who is following this closely, I just had a web meeting last week with our pharmacy provider who is going to be doing the vaccinations for our clients and staff. It is largely a supply chain issue, at least here in Indiana. The Hospitals have the vaccine, but it they aren’t getting enough of them. There are logistical issues up and down the state. Yet in my area, I was told that because I do sometimes do direct care as the director, I could go to the hospital right across the street and get mine because they have more than enough on hand.

I think there are 20 million to be had…if not more, but moving these things across the country from Cent Gov to State Gov is a nightmare, because each state has it’s own plan. This is one of those situations where the Federal Government should have said this is what we are doing and how we are doing it. So that all 50 states were under the same plan.



All the lib “fact checkers” were saying it was a false claim. “It would take a miracle”. Now that the lib “miracle” has happened, libs have to find some new heel-nipping charge.

But it’s libs. Whatcha gonna do? :man_shrugging:

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He is POTUS. He does run the country.

As Harry Truman said the buck stops here.


Show me someone who claims to be an unbiased “independent fact checker” and I’ll show you a liar.

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