Trump Press Secretary to Fox Host: 'It Would Be So Nice’ if Trump Had ‘Compliant Media’

Some of this stuff is so easy to respond to. I am glad he used the word complicit though.

  • The press helped get Trump elected
  • If Trump would stop lying 24/7 they wouldn’t have so much to report
  • If Trump would stop tweeting like a teen they’d have less to cover
  • If Trump would stop acting like a punk they’d have less to print

So, as per normal, a Trump supporter/employee blames somebody else for the boss acting like a baby.

And as you read that article or his words, substitute “Fox News/Rush” for “media”.

Trump gives media something to cover.

His press secretary gripes about them covering what his boss gave them to cover.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


To be honest, this is every president’s wish.

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Things you’re not supposed to say out loud.

But really, if Trump had a nickle every time he said something in that category he might actually be rich/not in debt up to his eyelids to foreigners.

Precisely. And this is a large part of the reason why some of us are now former Republicans. It seems that those who think that character matters no longer have a home in the GOP.


It’s as if the press secretary genuinely believes Fox isn’t compliant/complicit.

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They have been conned into believing Fox isn’t part of the media.

One minute they crow that it’s the most watched cable news network in the nation, the next it’s just a small island of objective patriots whose voices are drowned out by the tsunami of the Deep State lib mob media.



Sweet sales job by Fox.

I would settle for the lame stream media occasionally being honest rather than an obvious arm of the democrat party.

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If you’re a human and you have to punch down at people who are poor or less fortunate and you do it in a cruel manner, what does that make you?

The flip side is, it would be so nice if “fake news” and a totally one sided perspective, became extinct.

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You shouldn’t talk about Fox News on this site like that.

I know you believe you’re smart so…relook at the Harvard study regarding news stations and find the one that they claimed to have the closest 50/50 ratio of slant and then get back to me with your new enlightenment.

That’s part of the brilliance of Fox NEWS. It’s mostly opinion which is nothing but Republican Party Media.

That you miss that (and promote them) shows how savvy they are.

Yeah…those stupid people who performed that Harvard study…amirite? :sunglasses:

Case in point.

…and I thought only a dog could do that? :sunglasses:

You make really weird posts.


It’s to derail any thread that puts Trump in a bad light