Trump presidential trinkets?

Interested in your thoughts. Trump is selling his name on images of the White House.

I wonder what the reaction would be if Obama did this? Or Clinton?

We knew he would monetize the presidency. But hey. Trump is cool.


If people want to waste their money on Donald’s trinkets no skin off my nose.

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He donated his salary. That means we can ignore the fact he is funneling several times that amount into his private businesses.

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I myself consider this a minor issue in the Sea of trump insanities.

It’s a hotel located in Washington DC selling images of cherry blossoms and the WH on Tee shirts and boxes of soap and I’m just guessing that all the other hotels in DC do the same while also displaying their hotel logo on their merchandise, its not a display of the Presidential Seal or a likeness of President Trump himself on this merchandise it’s just the Trump Hotels logo.

President Trump divested himself from his businesses but the Trump business still exists and they conduct business like any other business does.

My thoughts about this are to…GET OVER IT!

I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

At this point it makes no difference.

Correct. Trump cultists have proven they will support him no matter what.

Good for them I say! As long as this continues, we’ll have a great 6 years.

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I rest my case, Your Honor.

Trump is really good at the con.

The President did not divest himself of his business

Honestly, I’m not believing that until I actually see some proof.

Wrong as two Sp/4s in the woodline with a Chaplain’s Assistant. He should cease and desist immediately.

And make restitution plus 1/5th.

You have to give Donald Trump credit. He cut out the politicians and just started pushing legislation that would benefit himself from the executive office, uses his businesses to make money off the government and sells stuff like this to enrich himself even more. It’s a really sweet con.

Now, previously conservatives said they hated this kind of stuff. Why are they silent now?

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If Obama had had an online for-profit ObamaShop and sold mugs and other items depicting the White House and making it look like the WH was an Obama property, I would have found that deplorable.

A lot of other people would have found that deplorable, too.


It would have offended republicans as well.

He’s not done so.

I thought Obama’s stylized logo flag was wrong and I think what Trump is doing here is wrong.

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