Trump post video portraying migrant caravan as murders and criminals

Trump has been rallying up his base with fear and hatred.

Straight up propaganda from the president, that is where we are now. Sick.

I’m 10% more scared of brown people now.

We’re not so bad once you get to know us.

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Un ■■■■■■■ believable, not all of the 11 murdered Jews are even buried yet. What the ■■■■ is wrong with this pile of ■■■■■


Completely unrelated but didn’t trump just visit the synagogue where 11 people died because of hatred around the caravan? And they treated him so well there too, so nice to him.

I see no one is going to touch this thread everyone is too busy being upset that CNN said something mean about White males.

People who read, people who remember, people who think know that this is history repeating itself. Poles, Italians, Greeks, Blacks, Jews, Italians, Chinese, Germans, Japanese, Muslims…

I don’t see a reason to talk about domestic terrorism in the middle of an invasion, someone could die.

Donald Trump is completely correct. The caravan is a threat to America, and anyone who supports helping those people deserves whatever they get.

So they are all murderers and rapists? Cool.

Here’s why no one wants to sully themselves in unhinged threads like this one.

Nowhere did anyone (except unhinged libs) say anything about ALL illegals being murderers and rapists. Or that the caravan itself is made up of rapists and murderers.

But nothing stops libs from propagating that lie.

And anyone who dares to point that out will get dog-piled by the lib mob here.

The video shows migrants from South America with audio of a convicted murder talk about how he liked killing cops…

You should watch the video.

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It is as obvious propaganda as you can get.

  1. Democrats are doing this to our country - Trump
  2. Sadistic cop murder laughing - Video
  3. The caravan invasion is filled with sadistic cop murders like him - Video

1+2+3; Democrats want to flood the country with sadistic cop murders… that is the message the President tweeted.

Don’t tell me how to put things together. I prefer 1 - 2 + carrot.

Democrats want to feed sadistic cop murderers carrots?

The only thing missing was cutting to film of a swarm of rats.

There’s an election next week, and this stuff works.

It’s just Willie Horton on steroids.

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Organic carrots.