Trump pleads for common sense

I am with the President on this. The Dim’s debates are rather amateurish

Trump pleads please ‘give me an opponent!

I wouldn’t trust any of those bozos to handle important matters like the Coronavirus pandemic. We need a leader who Americans can trust to have the right people taking care of these global problems. Imagine if Bernie Sanders was president right now. We’d really be in trouble!

2016 Trump debate topics included discussion of penis size and commentary included menstrual jokes.

2020 Trump is calling for dignity.

Some of you cynics may say he’s grandstanding, but I believe in my heart that Trump has found Jesus, repented, and deserves our respect and reverence for advocating for the dignity of our electoral process.


Found Jesus? Nah man. He is the Second Coming!

Not enough nicknames and penis references for Trump standards.

But was the Dem debate amateurish or not?

Seemed to be to me, unfortunately.

As A Republican, I won’t be voting Democrat of course but I sure as hell won’t be voting for Trump, either.

Trump doemphasized textes need an opponent - on the Republican side.

I felt my candidate (Pete) did well.

You all and definitely the president act like the circus between 2015 - 2016 didn’t happen.

This from the “No puppet! No puppet! You’re a puppet!” guy. And of course the “the nuclear” and “the cyber” rants.


WOW, I laughed so hard at your remark, I almost peed my pants. What a load of bovine excrement.

$20 says that if, right this second, you asked Trump what the second book of the Bible is he wouldn’t know.


I’ll bet my pay check. LOL!
He seem to be the type that would say the Ark of the Covenant was built by Noah. :rofl:


“advocating for the dignity” by commenting on it with his petty/juvenile insults?

Jesus taught using many different communication styles as well.

Why should he care about Exodus? Moses wasn’t even allowed to enter Israel because he was weak sauce in the Waters of Meribah, and they can’t get enough of Trump there.

It isn’t about Trump not having a worthy opponent. He is out after his second term (if he gets a second term).

It is that we have people in this country who would vote for the likes of Bernie and are communists. That is what needs to be addressed.

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I look forward to his “dignified observance of our election process” in the general and hope the baby Jesus doesn’t weep too much.

“just give me an opponent”. It’s like he doesnt understand there is a process in place for determining his opponent and it takes a minute.

And I’ll reiterate, the dem debates are no where close to as absurd as those rat ■■■■■■■ clown shows the republicans were doing in 2016.


…and Noah’s wife’s name is Joan.

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Sorry bud a 4% employer tax and a raise on marginal rates for people making over a half million a year to pay for universal health care is not “communism”. Argue the the policy all you want, perhaps it’s a bad idea. But throwing around these terms isn’t going to work. Republicans have been throwing “communism” and “socialism” at Democrats since at least Medicare. It’s kinda lost it’s punch at this point.