Trump plans one-on-one meeting with Putin

“Ahead of the North Korea summit, some US officials expressed concern about a meeting without any other aides present. Without official note-takers or other witnesses, one-on-one meetings lack any official record, making it difficult afterward to determine whether agreements have been reached. Putin is known as a shrewd negotiator who some officials worry could exploit such a session and extract concessions from Trump.”

You have got to be ■■■■■■■ kidding me?

That’s his job. It’s not like he promised to be flexible after the election or something…

those pee pee tapes aren’t going to erase themselves

The head of the greatest nuclear power in the world meeting with the head of the second greatest nuclear power in the world to discuss foreign policy?
That is just insane. That proves collusion.

Well, Putin has to give Trump his performance review sometime…


Yeah one on one without any other American delegate is like totally normal…:roll_eyes:

When you as you stated “meeting with the head of the second greatest nuclear power in the world” and a country which has complete disdain for our way of life.

In private with no ome around. Yep, that’ll go over just fine.

In Mother Russia, Putin trump YOU.

Interesting that they plan to meet in Helsinki.

Putin could drive there from St. Petersburg and Trump needs to fly half way around the world. Putin is pretty clearly the alpha dog in this relationship.

After Obama, we can at least expect they won’t agree to after election changes where others can listen.

Must be time for Trump’s performance review.


Forget after an election - Donald’s got so much flexibility for Russia _now_he qualifies as a yoga instructor.

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Without any recording of their conversation to determine what they each may respectively agree to or disagree on. That will be an issue, as they are both lying liars. Being that we are both nuclear powers, I’d think you would want a record of the conversation, so there is absolutely no confusion or miscalculation whatsoever. But since it’s Trump…nah. You’ll support whatever hairbrained idea he comes up with, no matter how risky it is for America.

The madness of the MSM is on display with the irrational “the Russians are coming” idiotic mantra when during the Obama Administration Hillary made a fool of herself with a misspelled “reset button” and Obama was caught on an open mic whispering to a Russian official that he would have “more flexibility” after the election (Russia undoubtably interfered with that election as well) and then of course Obama mocking Romney with his witty quip “the 80’s want their foriegn policy back” when Romney said Russia was our biggest geo-political enemy. It was all fun and games with the Ruskies, Dems and libs back then wasn’t it!

How dumb does this get, oh wait there is no limit on liberal stupidity, so it will get worse!

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We all know the result of the meeting as told to us by the pathological liar, David Dennison. The meeting was amazing. Putin is a wonderful guy who loves his country. Putin promised me he didn’t interfere with our election. We get a long great. We will do great things together in the future.

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Well Trump owes Putin a personal “thank-you”.
The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday upheld the assessment by US intelligence agencies that Russia favored President Trump in the 2016 election.The Committee concurs with intelligence and open-source assessments that this influence campaign was approved by President Putin.”

What exactly was the “flexibility” that Obama talked about and what was the result?

You will and obviously are opposing it even before it happened. Did you post about how dangerous it was for Obama to have unrecorded conversations with Putin? Even after he was overheard saying he would be more free to act after the election? Nah.
Can you imagine if Trump were overheard saying something like that?

Of course I am. Because Trump is a liar that cannot be trusted to honestly communicate what is truly agreed upon and what is not agreed to. Same with Putin. And when dealing with two liars, each of whom control large nuclear arsenals, it is safest for all involved to make sure that all communication is well documented, so as to avoid even a hint of misunderstanding. I’m surprised, with how often you warn us of Russia’s nuclear might, that you do not agree.

I absolutely did. I blew Obama up for his comments that were caught on the hot mic.

I can. Can you? And would you treat it with the same consistency?