Trump planning to wag the dog by goosing China trade war?

From my Financial Times newsfeed. Forgot my password credentials so screenshot my feed.

So…ahead of the next round of negotiations Trump may decide to blow them up by escalating the trade war?

Can you say “distraction” anyone?

All it costs is American jobs, right? Small price to pay to make people look the other way…

yeah cause the idiot media will focus on this


What’s so great about trade with a socialist tyranny?

The deadliest force in history with over 100 million dead…

Wait a year then go buy a TV…youll’ see.

Trade with Saudi Arabia is okay though.

So, it’s the greed?

And there are others low cost countries, who’s current govt doesn’t have a history of mass murder, concentration camps and enslavement, that we can trade with…

Name 2

That’s not so great either… Thus I’m happy fracking made us energy independent.

India, Mexico, Taiwan, S. Korea, chile, and more.

Yet your Dear Leader and his administration had a meltdown when their production stopped for a couple days.

Independent indeed.

Of those…maybe Taiwan and south Korea make TVs. Did you know there are only two home made TV companies in America.

I’m not disagreeing with you…on China…but like immigrant labor in America…the Chinese cheap labor serves a purpose.


The only place in America that is really dependant on saudi oil is California. Because they don’t have a pipeline to Texas. Because Cal is run by dems and they make people poorer…

Sounds like what China does with American companies.

You never heard of fracking? It’s increased our oil supply by 400 years or more.

What purpose is that? To undermine the wages of Americans, perhaps?

Be more precise. The purpose of which point is about undermining American wages. Who is doing that?

This would send the market into a total ■■■■■■■ tailspin. So I say he’ll do it and what the hell, let people pay for their mistakes.

Obese Donald isn’t smart enough to “wag the dog” and anything that looks like that is what he is doing is just in reality the idiot in chief lurching from one really stupid or criminally questionable or outright oath of office violating chaos dump to the next and then back again.

Yes, I’ve heard of fracking. I’m wondering what fracking has to do with the Trump administration’s arms deals with Saudi Arabia.