Trump plan for tonight...hit Biden hard

on his comment about America not living up to it’s ideas.

“America was an idea, an idea,” the Democratic presidential nominee said. “‘We hold these truths to be self evident.’ We’ve never lived up to it, but we’ve never walked away from it before. And I just think we have to be more honest. Let our kids know, as we raise them, what actually did happen. Acknowledge our mistakes so we don’t repeat them.”

What ideas are those Biden…the censorship the left endorses from tech industry?

Ideas of court packing?

Meanwhile we overcame slavery, defeated Nazism and fascism…then went on and defeated Communism. We been to moon and will do so again…and then to Mars.

Trump needs to talk about positive things and get Biden to challenge em on national television.

It is quite apparent that Trump is going to say whatever lie he thinks will get people to turn off from Biden. Whether it is court packing, taking money from Chinese, using government property to campaign (Amtrak), or installing his child in position of authority so he can benefit from his position.

Did I miss anything?

I suspect Trump is seething with rage after Obama clowned on him so hard yesterday. It’s gonna be all Hunter Biden and smokes crack and calling Biden and Obama criminals and a total meltdown when his mic is cut.


Well, Republicans are desperate enough that they’ve gone to the papers anonymously practically begging Trump to act presidential in this debate to save himself and the Senate, so Trump doing the exact opposite definitely tracks.

He might push over Biden’s podium and stomp offset.

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Yeah, the truth.

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One can only hope they juice him up with roids before he goes out there so he’ll definitely blow his stack and act like a psycho.

The funny thing is the Republicans are right.

The muting of the mikes helps Trump, not Biden.

Leave Biden alone long enough and he’ll say something to piss people off.

In the first debate Trump’s interruptions saved Biden a couple times.


Trump should talk about the economy, which people care about, but instead he’ll talk about Hunter Biden and Obama, which people don’t care about.

I agree.

LOL Rush is talking about it now.

If only your guy had any impulse control.

His pre-release of the 60 Minutes tape was laughable.

If he thought that interview was tough…

But I know the victimhood will play well with his base.

I would literally bet you real money Trump blows his ■■■■■■■ top if he gets his mic cut mid rant. If you gave me good odds, I’d be willing to wager that he tries to use Biden’s mic if it happens. And I’m not a gambling man.

The cut mic factor is going to be interesting. Will Trump be able to control himself long enough for his turn?

If the plan is to get Trump to talk about something positive, then this debate is over. He’s gonna be jacked up on hate and rage and fear and whatever flavor of speed he’s taking and like Tommy said maybe some roids.

Not being able to interrupt and talk over and cut people off is hoe Trump communicates and with that taken away he’s going to completely lose his ■■■■■

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Donald Trump is a walking impulse with zero self control. Talking over people is how he talks, it’s his idea of “dominating”. I’m totally rooting for injuries tonite.

He could also talk about real ways he will “protect people” from COVID instead of attacking scientists like Fauci who are more trusted than he is.

Because I believe there is a “COVID fatigued” voter segment out there…not the mask-eschewing Freeberty this only kills old and feeble people mouth breathers, but people who understand this is serious but are mentally and emotionally exhausted by the pandemic and desperately want normalcy.

Biden’s plans seem to promise more of the current situation with no quick end in sight. The “COVID exhausted people” might be convinced to vote for Trump if they believed he was taking this thing seriously and could outline a plan that’s quicker to normalcy than Biden’s plan.

But he can’t do that because he can’t admit he’s not perfect.


I do predict a lot of “The Apocalypse is coming! Only your Favorite President, Me can save you! I’m the only one!”

(also? I don’t take responsibility at all)

I mean we’ve all seen the way he’s been acting recently, right? Red faced and screaming? Doing the off-beat white girl shoulder dance to YMCA? Threatening repeatedly to make out with strange men in his audience? Walking out on an interview even though he usually relishes the back and forth no matter how badly he comes off?

Of course he’s going to implode.

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I haven’t watched it yet.

Are you claiming the media is fair?