Trump picks former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan for defense secretary

“Since he took over on Jan. 1, Shanahan has sought to continue the approach Mattis staked out, regularly voicing support for the U.S. partnership with NATO and other allies. But he appears less inclined than his predecessor to challenge the president on significant strategic military policy moves.”

I think this is a nomination of convenience. Since he has become acting secretary he has kept his head down, not been controversial and hasn’t crossed Trump.

So we don’t have a military man in that position but maybe we don’t need one. Maybe it should always be a civilian.

And once there’s a democratic president again they will probably put a military person back in that position anyway so this is just temporary.

Whatever happened to all that swamp draining?

Maybe this will be the thread when the republican ex military people voice their opposition to this pick.

Or maybe they’re just do what they’ve done during the entire Trump administration.

It was filled with more swamp

Isn’t Boeing responsible for the recent plane crashes?

Eisenhower had a phrase for this…

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“There is no victory at bargain basement prices.”


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I was thinking “military-industrial complex.”

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