Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh as 'barrier' to Russia inquiry – Schumer


I don’t wonder.


What does the 2nd Amendment have to do with this discussion?


Because there are fools that would dare challenge the will of the voter and the mandate of the Presidency.

They scare us.


No, if he addressed it he was giving his educated opinion, not answering a historical question. And it hasn’t been tested for a reason, because it’s absurd. On what grounds would you permit a federal criminal indictment and not a state one as one example? Boy the south was stupid, they fought and lost a bloody civil war when all they had to do was indict and arrest Lincoln instead.


So are you saying if Mueller tries to indict the President, you’ll take up arms?


Someone should have told Starr :laughing:.


Well I wouldn’t but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if quite a few people did. There is one constitutional method to remove a sitting President from office, and arrest and trial isn’t it.


Trump could shoot justice ginsburg, and he’d get away with it, because Republicans in Congress would not move to impeach.

Some would probably cheer.


Watergate and whitewater investigations: Yes, we can indict a sitting President.

It’s not been tested yet. I don’t think Mueller will pull that trigger, as it could backfire.

But it remains untested, undecided.


And yet he didn’t indict him. Despite his belief he could have and his claim they he had sufficient evidence to do so.


Yes, because it’s a risk.


Kavanaugh didn’t claim it had been and if asked about it during confirmation his obvious answer will be he can’t comment on a case he might end up hearing as a Justice.


I bet if he cozied up to the country that cyber attacked us Republicans would turn on him.


I am aware of that.


What country hasn’t cyber attacked us? Oh you mean like Democrats turned on Obama for cozying up to Iran and the Russian reset? Like that?


You’re funny


Well, except guns aren’t going anywhere. We have people slaughtered hourly. If that won’t move the needle, nothing will.


I told you these guys aren’t Law & Order people. Or family values people. Or fiscally responsible people.


I am saying action in direct contravention of the 2016 vote is VERY foolish.

The next time to “fix” what ails you is 2020.

The Mueller “probe” has been a joke.


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Its scary stupid. Kavanaugh cant act as a barrier. If Trump broke a law, he can be impeached. Nothing the court can do about it. Nothing the court can do to stop the investigation. In short, either Chucky is extremely stupid or he is just playing political theater.

Hey, there’s a good chance Chuck is saying this because it’s what he heard. And that’s all you need to make it true. So, who’s the stupid one now?