Trump pardons released

Trumps list of pardons is out. Cronies, scammers celebrities and Bannon.

No assange, no Snowden. No self pardon.

No maga insurrectionists. Oof. Imagine flying across the country to raid the Capitol for Trump and he pardons rapper Lil Wayne and not you.

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Rumors are going around that some members of Congress had asked for pardons - looks like that didn’t work out.

Cheers for Steve Bannon. As I understand it Steve sold engraved bricks for a non-existent wall on the border that nobody was going to see. When I consider that those imbacillic donors might have bought guns or ammo with the money that they spent on the fake bricks, I thank goodness for Steve Bannon. I hope he enjoys the boat.

It looks to me like the rest of the pardons are well thought-out and justifiable, so cheers to President Trump for hiring whoever created the list of pardons.

He should have pardoned most of them. Leaving them to rot in prison is really not fair.

The ones who tried to kill should be punished, but the rest were just hooligans on a crowd psychology high that he whipped up.

Joe should take a look at this, and show some mercy.

This pardon list and leaving out the little people who ruined their lives for him in place of celebrity friends really encapsulates Trump and his believers.

Also, remember his order to stop the revolving door of lobbyists? Ya he removed that by executive order last night too.

Boy oh boy .

It’s good to know that conning his supporters out of money is cool in Trump’s opinion.

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To buy a boat no less.


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Lol but then he didn’t pardon the others involved in the same scam stealing from Trumpsters as Bannon.

Wonder why he has to go out of his way to keep bannon happy while the co-conspirators rot.

Man prison will really suck when your wife is out in the world looking fine with the new breasts you stole for her and you’re locked up in prison. Ooof. oooooooof.

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What’s accomplished by pardoning Lil Wayne and Kwame Kilpatrick ? :man_shrugging:t2:

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“I promise I’m not racist”
“See I am the less racist person you know”

I remember Lil Wayne showing up for one of Donald’s last rallies and semi-endorsing. Thought it odd at the time but I didn’t realize at the time he had charges.

I couldn’t name a lil Wayne song besides his Green Bay Packer songs but I gotta applaud the easy play he made here.


Lil Wayne thing is just an obvious quid pro quo

It’s funny that he pardoned bannon, but not Bannon’s two partners convicted of the same crime.

Why’d Trump leave Kolfage behind? Bannon was the one stealing, Kolfage just accepted the stolen goods.

Let’s build a narrative. You go.

Already stated what I think. It’s weird he pardoned Bannon, which is very risky, and not Kolfage, would would have been easy. I wonder why.

So Chapter 1 - Bannon has something criminal on him?

I’d say it’s because Bannon is the one who did way more for Trump in the past.


Lol there it is again. Lot of that going around here lately.

Sucks to be Kolfage.