Trump pardons Jack Johnson, grave injustice corrected

Trump has pardoned Jack Johnson, a black boxer of the early 20th Century, correcting a grave injustice.

Johnson’s main crime was defeating a white guy in the boxing ring. He was subsequently convicted on bogus racially motivated charges in retaliation.

Way late, but thankfully this injustice has finally been put to rest.

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Good, long time coming.

But that won’t stop libs from bitching.

Good. Too late, but it’s something.

Not surprising some can’t help but attack liberals even when it has nothing to do with them. What the ■■■■.

Sneaky started a thread on this on other forum…I remember what libs said then.

You have a problem? Too bad.

This is great news. Thank You President Trump!

Problem? Nope. Just pointing out how pathetic your response is.

This will definitely erode some of trumps support among his worshippers…


I want less than 10 characters!

Well done Mr. President.

Thanks for posting it Safiel.

What did they say?

Use your imagination.

So… nothing.
Got it.

Here’s one of his fights.

Trump is Cool…So was Johnson.

So he must not be racist.

Don’t make Jack mad. about 4:00 in…

There are a bunch of people here who remember Johnson beating Willard (1915). They will never vote for Trump again.

OOPS Need that edit button- Willard beat Johnson.
Johnson beat Burns.

Good job Mr. President. Also, it’s great that Sly brought it to his attention.

What does that really do to help anything? It’s just a bunch of fluff in my opinion.

Let 'em bitch. Their man had 8 years to pardon him, but used his power to pardon scores of drug dealers instead.