Trump pardons federal arsonists.(7-10-2018)


What kind of idiot burns a bunch of land to cover up their hunting? There are tons of places to hunt.


A little on the extreme side, aren’t you, chum? Objecting to the pardoning of arsonists is not deranged. But supporting someone who does pardons for politically motivated reasons? That’s a little nutty, for sure.


It wasn’t burning federals nor were the federals when they did it.


So what was it, then?


Doesn’t matter now, does it Allan. :rofl:


I mean, if you’re in the corner of sovereign citizens, no, I guess it doesn’t. Not sure anyone would support or celebrate such lawlessness.

The old west fantasy continues in Oregon.


Their list of wrongs is much longer than that. The Hammonds, the Bundys, and their sovereign citizen ilk, fantasize about the old west and refuse to move into the modern day. And they have a home in right-wing politics officially, now.


He was lying.

So the Bundys should be shot?


The Gateway Beast?

Deer herd slaughter.


Yes they did. Trump did good.


They refused to submit.

The BLM has been trying to drive those people off their land for years.


Clinton … McDougal
OH … OF COURSE…you suddenly remember that you didn’t like him either.


“Their” land. Double check that.


Did good at what, exactly?


Right? The Bundys tried to play the same game, and history doesn’t side with their claims.

Weird to see Sneaky siding with sovereign citizens. I wanted to give him more credit than that.


Justice. He did good justice.


What’s wrong with sovereign citizens?


Yeah, their land.


I’ve seen him expose his sympathies before by quoting sovereign citizen arguments a while ago. One of the few times he’s linked to anything and it was sovereign citizen malarkey.


Federal land isn’t their land. They don’t have property rights on federal land.