Trump pardons federal arsonists.(7-10-2018)


yep let’s just ignore the whole federal arsonist thing and focus on how good of men they are…lol give me a break


Sometimes a controlled burn helps prevent a major wildfire.

I don’t know the details and will accept the result here.


“He’s a good boy”

Lamer than lame no matter who says it.

He’s a ■■■■■■■ arsonist who put a match to federal land on purpose.



Wait. So these guys were just helping out buy starting fires intentionally? Seriously? That’s a strategy you’re gonna use? Holy ■■■■. You guys have gone mental.


There is an entire world out here you are unaware of…


Oh I know what a controlled burn is. I’m just laughing my ass off that you’re actually proposing that as an out for these two dillholes. I find it hysterical.


They sent fires to coverup illegal deer herd slaughters.

Such upstanding men,



The 2001 fire they set was to coverup a illegal deer herd slaughter.



this is amazing… simply amazing the lengths that some will go to to defend this dumb ass pardon


These pardons are dog whistles.

Racist Man Harasses Woman Wearing A Puerto Rico Flag Shirt


Plaguing the Trump loving American Right since June of 2015.


Sanders is a press secretary , it’s her job to lie to make the president look good just like all press secretaries before her.

Personally I don’t give a crap who the president pardons , it’s his right so not really worth discussing very who is and who is not worthy of a pardon.


Law & Order folks. Law & Order.


Holy ■■■■. Seriously?


Trump is cool…


…when he cheats on his wives.


When did the left turn into schoolmarm prudes?


When did the right abandon their supposed moral high ground that they had been blathering about since the Clinton Administration?


Great news. Hope this is just the beginning of correcting tyrannical government.


At least you admit you supported Bill’s abuse of women.