Trump Owes Millions to Chinese Bank-

I’d also call into question if this has anything to do with his praising China’s transparency in Feb and March.

This is why electing a POTUS (and his family) who owes $$$ all over the world is a bad idea.



Poor, poor Hunter Biden :sob:

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So. Bank of China also rents space from Trump.

You. me and everyone of us owe trillions to China.

Havent heard news on the trade war in awhile. Are we winning yet?




How come you criticize anyone who does business with China yet repeatably give Trump a pass for doing the same?

So how do you feel about $$$ money coming in from all over the world to the Clinton Foundation while she was SoS? Was/is that a bad idea?

Lemme guess? That’s different…amirite? :sunglasses:


President Trump’s attacks against Hunter Biden have been called into question because of his partial ownership of a New York City skyscraper that was refinanced with the Bank of China.

What an asinine comparison. :rofl:

I don’t. Trump should end all dealings with China. Now I understand refinancing the loan wouldn’t be prudent, But he could stop borrowing money from em.

Why wouldnt that be prudent

I understand…libs are desperate to steal tough on China due to China virus.

Yup. Good thing people are starting to catch on that they are not someone you want to do business with.

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Ask your financial advisor why.

I’m simply worn out from all this winning


Oh. Because they wanna see your tax returns. Gotcha


Well it is. I would have no problem if money was coming in from all over the world to fund the Trump Foundation… oh, wait.


Say…you know nothing about cost of refinancing and interest that’s already been paid etc.

How did I know you’d say that? :sunglasses:

Then pay it off in full. It’s coming due. Then there are no more conflicts of interest

If you aren’t used to it? It can be overwhelming. :wink: