Trump overachieving by liberal standards

Think about all of the things that they were panicking about. None came true. So by their standards, the President has obviously overachieved. I’ll name a few examples.

  1. Fascism. They claimed that Trump would be changing us to a fascist nation.

  2. Gay camps. Rachel and Anderson were supposed to have been shipped off to special FEMA camps where we keep all the gays.

  3. Gay marriage was supposed to be outlawed by now.

  4. According to some liberals including a Nobel prize winning economist, Trumps agenda would destroy the U.S. economy.

  5. Jim Crow. We were supposed to have put “y’all back in chains” by now.

So what happened? How did they get it so wrong? And are they happy or disappointed at being wrong. Any other examples that you can name?


Who`s “they”?

Ever watch CNN, MSNBC, or listen to anything that Joe Biden has said? The “back in chains” quote was his. And I heard, with my own ears, Rachel talking about the gay camps. Paul Krugman and many others claimed Trump would collapse the economy. And calling Trump a Fascist was almost a requirement for liberal groupthink.

Any other questions?

He was supposed to be impeached within 6 months of inauguration.


Right. You will get a lot of “oh WE didn’t say that” in this thread. They always do that… feigning (or demonstrating ) ignorance of facts.

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Not for lack of trying. Luckily the courts keep smacking him down…

“Biden told more than 800 ticketed supporters that Romney wants to repeal the financial regulations enacted after the Wall Street crash of 2008. “He’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules - unchain Wall Street!” Biden said. Then he added, “They’re going to put you all back in chains” with their economic and regulatory policies.”

It was definitely a dumb thing to say, not even sure if Trump did things to deregulate wall street like promised either.

I know right? Now they are completely indecisive. Chaos. They have no clue what they want to do. Great stuff!

How about this one?

He was supposed to build a wall, fix the inner cities, bring back coal and steel, propose an incredible health care plan, and make America respected again. When does all of that start? He seems to spend most of his time playing golf and whining like a tweenager on the internet about his hurt feelings.


So my five points are legit?

list from the washting post but is a compliation of statements.

He promised to end all violence.

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Wiping out ISIS was a good start. Agreed?
So you agree with my original point?

I think you’re Trump surrounded by Bill Clinton’s accusers before the first debate, knowing you sided with Bill during that time, knowing your supporters don’t care about the dozens of accusations against you.

Gitmo still open?

Not only are they open, but I’m pretty sure that their customer base has increased. :+1:

You forgot about getting humiliated on the world stage by two-bit dictators, but with Kim Jung he has gay rights covered too. :kissing_heart:

Trump: I will end all crime.

Obama: I will close gitmo

Yes those are similar statements and goals.

He tried. Which is more than any President has done since the 1950’s. He gave Kim an excellent opportunity to join the 21st century and the civilized world. Kim declined. His loss.

Trump didn’t say he would end all crime.

Obama did say he would close Gitmo.