Trump Ordered Ukraine Ambassador Removed After Complaints From Giuliani, Others

This just keeps getting better and better… Question for Trump supporters, should a president fire and ambassador for resisting violating the law? Can’t wait to hear her testimony on Oct 11th!

There was no violation of the law in asking the Ukrainians to take another look at the investigation into Burisma and the Bidens.

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Drip drip drip is starting to splash.

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The article said that many outside the Administration have been complaining for months of her obstructing their work. It makes you wonder what took Trump so long?

The real question is why do libs find fault with our President fulfilling his duty to our country? Libs are now guilty of Ukranian collusion. Quick…call Mueller. :sunglasses:

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…a spot on analysis and I concur.

Splat would be more accurate.

The truth is beginning to splash while lib lies are starting to crash. :sunglasses:


There’s nothing wrong with asking foreign countries to investigate American politicians if those politicians are dirty. The entire Democratic party should be investigated by Ukraine and China and anyone else who wants to help the United States rid itself of this horrible pestilence. Those countries would be rewarded mightily if they did us this favor.

You’re post states the desired outcome, and payment for that outcome.

Both of which are lacking in the current reality.

The rats are fleeing the ship, but not very quietly.

Hopefully, this second Ukraine fiasco whistleblower will so the right thing.

I don’t think there’s any justification in taking it that far but any of them with business dealings in either country or who has voted on legislation favorable to either of them certainly deserves a good looking into.

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Which law was the President asking to be broken?

Apparently it’s the latest leftwing “interpretation” of the emoluments clauses.

Of course that only seems to apply if there is an R by your name.

So a president can no longer order anything done in a foreign country which might influence his election chances. He’s only allowed to order things done that will reduce his chances of reelection? It must be illegal for him to authorise relief aid in foreign disasters now.

That of course only applies to Republican Presidents.

Oh noes. A President wanted a corruption case reviewed.
After this horror, he replaced an ambassador.

These are far beyond the powers legitimately held by any Pres…

Hey, wait. He can do that, can’t he?

Any politician who could possibly have an ulterior political motive behind his positions must be replaced immediately. His political enemies will be glad to see that happen. For pure motives, of course.

Only if the subject is a republican. Biden of course gets a free pass.

TDS indeed.