Trump openly encouraging voter fraud

How does everyone feel about the POTUS encouraging voters to break the law?

This is your jabbering goofballs idea of a campaign rally, instigating voter fraud. Today’s Republicans, ladies and gentlemen. Zero standards, zero accountability.


I am confused - he is not making one of his i am only joking faces. He is actually suggesting to vote both ways and let the system sort it out.

This is what happens when you have a troll for a President. America is better than this.


Could it be, that he suggested this to make the point that encouraging mail in voting vs voting in person, makes the system ripe for fraud? Naaaaahhhhh…that’s too deep for libs to…“comprende”…amirite? :sunglasses:

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Some of America is.

For others, this crap is firmly in the wheelhouse.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:

If I ever end up owning a movie theater I’m hiring a bunch of conservatives. They’re the best projectionists I’ve ever seen.


Good Lord Smyrna.

We should be better than having a president pushing voters to commit voter fraud.

So, you’re OK with Trump asking his followers to commit a crime?

What is the penalty for voter fraud? Will he bail them out, maybe pardon them?

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Committing crimes is cool, as long as the point is to troll libz.

Who cares what the consequences are to our country?


Imagine if Obama

Oh nevermind no one can imagine Obama openly telling voters, at a campaign stop, to commit voter fraud and vote twice because it’s just so sick and stupid and depraved.


I will give Trump this, he can always go more stupid. I thought the bags of soup and planes for thugs was going to be his lowest point this week. I am giving him credit for going even worse. Well done Trump. Well done. I’ll even give him some bonus credit I bet he has some followers who on one hand are very worried about having a fraudulent election but on the other hand will applaud this by him. He is very good at making people turn into pretzels to defend him.


Yeah…I know rite? Do you think anyone will drink bleach now? :sunglasses:

I thought we got the worst for the week when he retweeted a groyper account.

Good Lord what nastiness is coming today?

Law & Order President…

… encouraging people to break the law.


Yes. Yes I do. Over 50 people did in Texas last month. Almost 50 North Texans Drank Bleach This Month, Poison Center Warns ‘Stop, It Won’t Cure COVID’ – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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I can safely say nothing good. Living here in Biden’s America is really dark. Oh wait Trump is president. The buck stops with him whether he believes it or not.


For anyone interested in why Trump’s trolling attempt wont work read this thread:

That’s actually what he said in the video. He is actually pushing this exact point