Trump once again calls the media the “Enemy of the people”

Folks, less than a week after CNN was sent a bomb and 11 people were massacred. How long before another trump supporter takes it to another level again?

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Such a uniter.

So he’s not going to tone down the rhetoric. Well, that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Dictators never do.


The economy is fine, the foreign policy is fine, yet the media covers him with hysteria like the country is falling apart and it divides us. Over 90% negative coverage is unfair. They do it on purpose, because they are democrats faking being media… However, it no longer seems near as effective as it once was…


What a piece of ■■■■. Now it’s the “true” enemy of the people.

In your opinion, is the media the “true enemy of the people?”

It would seem that you want to use the bomb to justify wide open fake news. Hmmmm… interesting… As though the bombing was to facilitate unchallenged lies in the media.

No… the media is still expected to tell the truth. And any deviation from the truth is a disservice to the American people. Do friends perform disservice to friends? Or do enemies?

For Gods Sake, Mussolini made the trains run on time and then started murdering people.. Are you people really that ignorant of history? Is a decent economy worth a canned dictatorship?

PS, Foreign Policy is NOT fine. Our allies hate us and he cozy’s up to the worst tyrants. You of course are ok with that because you want him to be one.


MAGABomber, mass shooting in a synagogue…and Donald’s biggest concern is that the media is mean to him.

No. Trump wants a fawning, inaccurate reporting of him. He wants nothing but positive stories to be told. Basically, he wants adulation on a 24 hour basis. If he doesn’t get that loyalty, he calls those unwilling to kiss his ass “an enemy.”

Trump is the dividing force here. His supporters are complicit in the division by actively promoting his nonsense.


Do YOU agree with fat donald? Is the media, “the TRUE enemy of the people”? Simple yes or no answer. Thanks.

Only leftist ideologues who hijacked the free press and use it to spread malicious and hateful lies. They are to be counted among America’s true enemies. Is that who you meant when you said “media”?

A person tried to assassinate former presidents and other political figures, a white supremacist gunned down black people in KY, an anti-Semite slaughtered 11 Jews during Shabbat, but the “true” enemy is the media (the ones that disagree with Trump at least).

■■■■. That. ■■■■.


I’m sorry you feel that way about our President.
Maybe choose your opposing candidates more wisely.

Post three fake news stories, from the “left wing media” from the past week.

I didn’t choose trump. I didn’t choose Hillary. I’m not a moron.

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But you didnt choose a candidate who could beat either.

Answer the question posed whydontcha.

Is the fake news media the true enemy?

Yes or no.


Not going to answer my question?