TRUMP ON WARREN: She’ll Turn USA into Venezuela, ‘Who Cares’ about DNA?

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President Trump weighed-in on outspoken Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recently released DNA report Monday before departing for Florida; asking “who cares” about the legislator’s ancestry and saying she hopes to turn the United Sates into Venezuela.

The Commander-in-Chief was speaking with reporters at the White House when he was asked to comment on the left-wing lawmaker’s DNA results; allegedly showing she had a Native American ancestor six to ten generations ago.

“Do you have any reaction to Senator Elizabeth Warren releasing the results of her DNA test?” asked one reporter.

“Who cares?” fired-back the President. “Who cares? I hope she’s running for president because I think she’d be very easy. I do not think she’d be difficult at all.”

“She’ll destroy the country. She’ll make our country into Venezuela,” he added.

She won’t get far. There are at least 5 dem candidates who would wipe the floor with her.